Happy Monday!

I hope ya’all had an eventful weekend!

I seriously can’t believe that the first weekend of March is over! Where does the time go? Geesh. Like I said before, I was just getting used to February and we are now officially into the heart of March. Daylight savings time anyone? Although losing an hour of sleep sucks, I am super pumped about having more sunlight when I get home in the evenings because running in the dark just sucks, especially when bums are involved.

Anyways, my weekend consisted of same ole, same ole. Snow skiing, cooking for friends, wine by the fireplace, and oh yeah….18 miles!

That’s right. 18 miles. Can your BELIEVE it? I still can’t.

Yesterday’s run was another cloud nine moment for me. I completed the second to last long distance training run and I am still alive!

I was a nervous wreck the whole day. Just ask Mr.B. He probably could have killed me. I don’t know why I allow myself to stress out because it just creates anxiety which makes me run like dog poo.

Mental note: quit being a crazy person before longs runs. K?

(*Also I will add I did my run in 3:03..apparently I don’t know how to stop my Garmin)
Between psyching myself out, my ipod running out of battery, and a new trail, this run was probably one of my worst. Well, at least the first ten. My stud muffin t-shirt couldn’t even cheer me up.
It seriously felt like I was on a death march for the first ten miles. Thank GOD Mrs. Gibson gave me a Road ID for my birthday because I was close to falling over dead. 
But then, my knight in shining armor Nike wear came to my rescue.
Quick side story….I ran five out and back to complete ten. Then Mr.B and I were to run the last 8 miles together. Well, he came jogging around the corner of the trail and met me at 9.3, and saved the day! It was the best surprise EVER! I don’t think I could have finished this run without him.
He brought me food, a new ipod, and motivation. I heart this guy. Needless to say the last eight miles were intense but a blast!
Next up, another taper week and then the big 2-0. Hopefully I will not be as crazy!
See ya later!