Ahhh, the Crossroads, an art destination in KC.
In the Crossroads is… Thistle, a vintage gallery and repurposing studio my mom started with her good friends Marni and Wayne.
Check out their store on the first Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of every month. (Or whenever Elvis is in the building)
I was completely impressed with the store and its location. I need to find something like this in Denver, or bribe my mom with ski lessons so she will send me some goodies.
They may look like hoarders. Actually, each item from a road-closed sign, to a Monster Mash LP is a vintage find and will be arranged in a creative mish-mash for each sale.
You will see something from your grandmother’s house, and you will want to buy it.
I am proud of my mom and all of her hard work.
Afterwards, Mr. B, my mom, and I meandered next door to LuLu’s Thai Noodle Shop for lunch. The wait was crazy long but the food was spicy, garlicky, and fresh. I devoured the peppered basil steak with brown rice. Delish.
I love coming home to Kansas City to my parent’s home in Brookside, even though in the winter it’s like really cold.
Thanksgiving week is off to a great start!