Mr. B and I headed to the airport this morning.

I despise traveling on Thanksgiving. A knot forms in my stomach as soon as I arrive at the airport, surrounded by a million other travelers.

My anxiety had been building since last night, and as I dropped Mr. B off at the terminal with our bags; anxiety reached its maximum level.

As I arrived in the economy lot and looked around, every parking spot was full. WTF!! I about had a canary. The first thing that popped into my head: I need to get the jeep parked and start moving. I parked the jeep practically in New Mexico and ran. No way was I going to miss my flight because I had circled the parking lot like a vulture waiting for a closer spot.

So, off I ran, cowboy boots and all.

Surprisingly, I made good time for check in. Mr. B and I waltzed through security with no problems. Our United flight was on time and we landed early in Kansas City.

Anxiety ditched in Denver.

My mom picked us up from the airport and we headed off to the Crossroad’s to see her new shop, Thistle