Mr. B and I are heading to Kansas City tomorrow to be with my family for Thanksgiving.

The eve before we travel home for the holidays I try to center myself by doing something mindless, like cleaning. A few of the dreaded popular choices are either wiping down the bathroom floors, dusting, or re-organizing the pantry. Don’t judge.

Don’t get me wrong, I love going home for the holidays. It can be crazy at times, but the chaos is rather calming in a way. I think it would be erie to not have to go to the grocery, cook dinner, clean, catch up with friends at the local pub, or stress out about how you are going to decorate the table.

That’s what the holidays are for, right?

Tonight, I need to get some serious stuff done before our flight in the morning.

1. Bank – Does anyone else hate going to the bank?

2. Dry Cleaners – I wish I could send them all of my dirty laundry.

3. Side Dishes – I need to look up side dishes for T-Giving dinner. Hmmm…what to make?

4. Clean bathroom – I hate coming home to a dirty bathroom. There’s that OCD again.

5. Empty out trash and dishwasher – Can you hire people to do that for you?

6. Pack – I would rather pound dirt.

7. Dinner – I am thinking Chipotle….carnita crispy tacos. Yum.

8. Watch #4 K-State take on #1 Duke!!! – I may just skip to #7 on the list, pour myself a glass of red wine, and give the middle finger to my suitcase.

What do you do to get ready for the holidays?