Yesterday was our 2nd annual Friend’s Thanksgiving. Each year our Denver village gets together to play touch football and eat a pre-thanksgiving dinner.

This year, Drew and Tina graciously hosted the dinner for all fifteen of us at their home.

The day started out in usual fashion with everyone arriving early in the afternoon, and then jumping right into a game of bean bags and touch football.

Mr. B and I took on the York’s in bean bags. I am not good at this game. Don’t ask why, I’m just not. We ended up tying after two games, so there will definitely be another game to decide the winner. This isn’t soccer people.

Next up, touch football. By this time it was getting cold. I was taking pictures of everyone before I jumped in to play, and my hands were going numb.

I will say that I scored the tying touchdown. I know, this whole tying thing is lame but one our friend’s sprained his ankle while trying to chase me down. We figured we’d better stop before someone really got hurt. Hello….ski season.

After football, we began the feast.

The best part of Friend’s Thanksgiving, the fried turkey. Oh, yeah. Go ahead and wipe away your drool. Max and Listy have a turkey fryer, and each year they bring out the bad boy and fry up a decadent turkey. The great thing is, it only takes about 45 minutes to cook the turkey! It’s completely brilliant.

Since we all contribute different dishes to complete our Thanksgiving meal, I chose to make my apple cider brussels sprouts with caramelized shallots and a cranberry relish. Delish.

Mr. B and I had such a blast and I am definitely wearing my “bigger” pants today. I feel the turkey sweats already. Gobble, Gobble.