Happy Thursday friends!

The past 24 hours have been a little on the crazy side. 
A good kind of crazy if that makes any sense?
Yesterday morning I received a tweet from Megan, a blogger friend, stating….”Well, good morning there featured recipe maker on Tasty Kitchen today! That soup looks insanely diving. Just sayin’!”
My heart skipped a beat.
I reread the tweet at least five more times before the news finally sank in. 
Featured? My recipe? Really? On Tasty Kitchen? No way! 
I sprinted to the computer, stood, and typed tastykitchen.com into the browser as fast as I could. And 2.2 nano seconds later, I saw this…
I grinned from ear to ear. Holy recipe balls! There’s my giant grill for the whole world to see. I couldn’t believe it. After spending a year submitting recipes to Tasty Kitchen, my hard work had finally paid off. It was a very surreal and exciting moment (still have jazz hands as I type this post!).
But the craziness didn’t stop there. 
Apparently when I asked February to “bring it”, she heard me loud and clear. I have been agonizing over whether or not to run the Chicago Marathon this year. There were so many reasons to not do it – time, money, and sanity. I kept asking myself, do I really want to this? Do I want to fully commit to running another marathon? If you’ve read this blog you know the struggles I experienced while running The Big D last year. From the heat to the hills to the wind, it was enough to make me never want to run a marathon again. Thankfully my mother, who is a saint in my eyes, ran the last 5 miles with me otherwise I don’t think I would have finished. 
Anyways, after thinking about that insane race, I came to a conclusion. The only way I was ever going to run another marathon was if I had a running partner. Enter, Listy. She has 3 or 4 marathons under her belt? (Sorry friend, I couldn’t remember!). If she wasn’t going to do it then I was out for sure. No pressure, right? Yesterday was the first day of registration and I kept emailing Listy, did you sign up? Are we doing it? I’m sure I wasn’t annoying at all. 
Finally, at 2:36 PM, Listy forwarded me her registration confirmation. Gulp. As soon as I saw it, I knew there was no turning back….
I am officially registered to run the Chicago Marathon. Yes, I realize this is crazy. But the more I thought about running by Lake Michigan, the Sears Tower, and Grant Park, it brought back many wonderful memories of the time we spent in Chicago. The next thing I knew, all of  those negative thoughts I had about running another marathon went out the window. Chicago here we come!  
Alright, I am off to sit by the fire. Mr. B and I did make it safely to Park City. Can’t wait to show you pictures! 
See ya!