And so another hump day draws to a close.

Does it freak anyone else out that it’s already the second week in June? I’m a little freaked out. Note to 2012: maybe dial back the ol’ clock situation. What’s the rush? I can’t start thinking about July 4th already! Or for that matter, Christmas and Christmas shopping! AHHH!
Speaking of keeping things on the slower end of the spectrum, my run this morning was less than desirable. It happens. I didn’t exactly get the recommended eight hours of sleep last night due to our kickball game ending late. And that can of Modelo probably didn’t help either.

The first mile and a half I struggled. I not only felt dehydrated, fatigued, but my legs were apparently still snoozing. Darn you lazy legs. This morning running routine may take longer to get used to than two weeks. Thankfully the weather was gorgeous and I only had faux mountains to run over on the way back. Three miles, check. 
As I was walked back to the apartment, I checked in on Twitter and Instagram and was quickly informed that today is National Running Day! Whoo-hoo! Happy Running Day to all runners out there! What did you do to celebrate? 
Work has finally started to slooooooow down. Not that I am complaining, but at this point in the ball game, I wish I was a teacher and had the summer off! Oh, the things that I would do. I’d travel, read more books, plant flowers, and work on the “fun” to-do list. Things on said fun to-do list: learn how to sew again, take another acting class, take a photography class, learn how to make homemade sushi, hike a 14-er, teach Girls on The Run, work on writing a min-novel about cooking, and paint my toes some other color than red! 

After work I headed home to work on this pile of recipe madness. I am researching new recipe ideas and doing a little organizing on the blog. Oh, and for the record, Blogger and I got into quite the tiff this afternoon. I was working on my Foodie Friday post and Blogger thought it would be funny to publish before I was ready. When I say it’s the arrow and not the Indian on this one, just go with me.

Thankfully I was rescued from the Blogger pit of despair around 7pm. Listy picked me up and we headed over to Laura’s house for cocktails and appetizers.

The appetizer board: 

– humus and pretzels

– whole wheat bread with a mascarpone spread
– grapes
– mango salsa and tortilla chips
We giggled and chatted about many topics – the anxiety of taking kids on an airplane, power yoga, and marathon training. Laura is an amazing runner and actually ran the Chicago Marathon a couple of years ago. She said besides New York, Chicago is a truly unique experience. I had major #jazz hands after that statement.
Unfortunately, we didn’t stay very long because it started to storm really bad and it was past Chance’s bedtime. Even though it was a short “happy hour”, it definitely got me over the hump today!
Have a good evening!