As a child, my mother would always read Blueberries For Sal to my brothers and I. I loved this book. I remember imagining myself being whisked away to Maine and picking fresh blueberries with Sal on Blueberry Hill. We were best friends back in the day.

For some reason my breakfast this morning reminded me of this book. Probably because there were in fact blueberries in my smoothie, but I think it had more to do with Mr. B. As I was stretching on the living room rug after my run, I could see Mr. B out of the corner of my eye eating his blueberry smoothie in front of the computer. My mind instantly started to think back to the book. In case I hadn’t told you, some of Mr. B’s family is from Maine, specifically the town of South Brooksville where the story is set. Totally epic, right? I figured some day if/when we have kids, I want them to have that experience of picking fresh blueberries. I want them to stroll along beaches of Maine and visit Mr. Condon’s garage (it does exist!). Would that not be the coolest thing ever? Word. 
With work slowing down, I had some time today to look through my calendar and figure out what the heck is going on over the next couple of weeks. Things are going to be little jammed packed, but hopefully a lot of fun!

This weekend: 
– Denver Art Museum (Yves St. Laurent Exhibit) and dinner with the girls @ Linger
– Chance’s birthday celebration at the Lehman’s 
June 27th to July 1st: Kansas City 
– Dinner with family
– TBD Josie photo shoot
– Wurth Women gathering at La Bodega
– See my Mom’s new space at JuJu
– Kaitlin’s wedding
– Meet baby Hailey 
Run withJamie 
July 3rd to July 11th: Steamboat with the Griswolds
Fly fishing, hiking, four wheeling, camping, etc. 
I stopped by Sunflower Market on my way from work this afternoon.

I am giving up Whole Foods for a bit (expect for their burrito bowls I grab on Tuesday nights because of kickball) to try and save some money. I should have listened to my friend Katie’s recommendation months ago because they have everything that Whole Foods does, but at half the cost. Needless to say, I am hooked! I brought home two HUGE bags of groceries for $23. Booyah! 

Dinner tonight was an oldie, but a goodie. Fork and Knife Burgers!

These were pre-made jalapeno cheddar burgers that I picked up at Sunflower. They were delicious, but I think what makes a burger a great burger are the toppings.

Hello, tomato, red onion, jack cheese, avocado, and spicy arugula.

On the side, baked sweet potato fries covered in paprika. Finger licking good, folks!

Have a smashing evening!