I can’t believe tomorrow is December 1st.

It seriously feels like someone held the fast forward option throughout this entire month. I’m talking x4, you DVR lovers.
Mr. B and I started this autumn month off by celebrating AC’s 30th birthday with sushi, sake bombs, and skiing
We continued the festivities into the second weekend with the celebration of Mr. B’s 30th birthday, and Max and Listy’s baby shower…
The bus doesn’t stop here, folks!
We partied into the third weekend with an appearance at the CU-KState game in Boulder, followed by pre-turkey sweats at Friends Thanksgiving.
And then, we rolled right into Kansas City for Thanksgiving.
My head is spinning. Not quite the full exorcism turn, but close.
The crazy thing is, wait for it…Mr. B and I will only be in Denver for the first two weekends of December. We are trying to plan a little get away trip for ourselves around the 18th…so stay tuned for the unveiling.
After our trip, we will hit up I-70 for our usual Holiday tour of Kansas, and before we can even internalize what all has happened, it will be 2011.
I may need to schedule some extra cleaning days.
See you in December!