I was at Target the other day picking up the usual household items. Paper towels, body wash, chicken stock, etc. Looking back at the receipt, I bought a lot of random stuff. Anyways, when I was done shopping and proceeded to the check out line I realized something.

Why does Target have so many checkout lines?

I mean, seriously. Is it really necessary to have thirty-two lanes? Has there ever been a point in Target history were they would need all thirty-two lanes to be open at once? Could you imagine if each and every lane was full of carts and people? Yikes. And why is thirty-two the magical number? Why not just twenty?

It just doesn’t make any sense. Why give the customer the appearance of a possible speedy checkout? Every time I go to Target there is always one express lane open, and about three to four regular check out lanes open. Never anymore and never any less. You always stand in line with a sea of people and everyone is looking around wondering as to why there aren’t more lanes open.

As frustrating as it is, there must be some method to this madness. I mean you can’t just have faux check out lanes, or can you?