Today was a BIG day.

I am exhausted.

Who knew vacationing could be so tiring?

Mr. B and I had our first double digit run this morning, and well, let’s just say that things didn’t go according to plan. Full recap to come later.

While we were running, the rest of family hit up the alpine slide in town because it was an easy activity for the kids to do. I was a little jealous that we didn’t get to go, but there are a plethora of alpine slides in Colorado so I am sure we will slide down one soon with the Denver village.

After our run we met back at the house and had lunch, which was pizza from last night. Perfect carbo treat after running 11 miles.

A quick shower and change of clothes later, and we were back out the door headed to Steamboat Village to ride the gondola.

There was also an art fair going on at the base of the gondola. Don’t tell Mr. B, but I may love Stteamboat more in the summer then winter.

We grabbed our tickets and headed up. Grayson, Gabe, and Ella loved the gondola.

Once we got to the top, we took some pics and hiked an easy trail loop with the kiddos. The sun was cookin’ but there was a pleasant breeze to keep us somewhat cool.

The trail was interactive. Ton’s of boulders to climb, nature signs to read, and pine cones to pick up. The best part for the kids was the snow. Who doesn’t love to play with snow in July?

After our loop, we all grabbed a drink at the Summer Deck, which is a restaurant by the top of the gondola and watched the hang gliders. Mr. B asked me if I would ever attempt hang gliding and my answer, “hell-to-the-no.”

Jeff, Evan, Ella, Andrea, Mr. B and I decided not to take the gondola down with the others because we wanted to hike (which in retrospect was the worst idea ever).

The trail was poorly marked, the sun was blazing and my legs were tired from running earlier.

I was very thankful when we finished. Very thankful.

Another shower later and I was ready for dinner.


Scott and Jessica cooked a delicious mexican feast for the entire Griswold family.

I made myself a bean tostada and beef taco. Does anyone remember the Taco Grande chain? They had the best tostada. 

I am off to bed. 
My legs are sore and cranky after today’s run and hike. 
I seriously can’t believe the 4th of July is tomorrow! I am looking forward to the parade downtown and watching the fireworks. 
See ya!