Happy Fourth of July!

I have much to be thankful for today.
I am blessed to have an amazing husband, a supportive family, and the freedom to decide whether or not white can be worn after Labor Day.
But with all joking aside, I think it is very important to stop and ask ourselves today, what does it mean to be an American? I feel as though this country has lost it’s hunger. When did it become okay to please everyone? To make every situation a win-win because people are afraid of failure. 
Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means perfect, but I feel as though we forget to challenge one another to grow. So if anything, today, I think we all need to make a conscious effort to push the envelope, not just for the country, but for the troops that are protecting that freedom of choice.
Alright, I am off my soap box.
This morning the Griswolds headed downtown to watch the parade. The city of Steamboat did an excellent job with the parade as Susie said, it was a true slice of Americana. 
Before the parade started, they had the final phase of the nordic “summer” combined competition. We watched Todd Lodwick, who is an Olympian, race in town and smoke everyone. He is a beast.
The parade started with firetrucks and horses. Wouldn’t expect anything else in Steamboat.
There were dragons, rodeo royalty, gymnasts, trains, and even camels (watch out, they spit). 
But my favorite was the rugby team. One of the rugby players stood on top of this van wearing a blonde wig and short jeans shorts, while the rest of the team literally pulled the van. 
After the parade, Susie and I headed to the grocery store to grab the necessities for dinner. Mr. B and I were in charge of dinner tonight. No pressure. 
While the little ones took a nap and others went into town to shop, I stayed and prepped for dinner. Okay, I took a slight siesta because I was still exhausted from yesterday.
Fourth of July menu:
     – Steaks with caramelized onions
     – Susie’s mac and cheese (to die for!) 
     – Caesar salad with homemade croutons
     – Patriotic cupcakes
I had special help with the cupcakes. Andrea whipped up the frosting, while the kids decorated the cupcakes with sprinkles and flags. 
After we scarfed down dinner and took a quick family photo, we headed out to watch the fireworks. Jeff and Mr. B found a great spot about a mile down from where we are staying. 
I love fireworks. I remember as a little girl giggling at the loud booms the fireworks made. 
Today was filled with fantastic Americana experiences and patriotic dreams.
Happy Birthday America!