This morning came early.

Jessica and Scott had to catch a flight at 6am, while Evan, Andrea, and Ella had to hit the road back to Manhattan. I was sad to see them go.

Since the weather forecast had a 50% chance of rain for the afternoon, we thought we would get an early start and be done with four wheeling by noon.

Jeff, Kelly, Gabe, Grayson, Chuck, Susie, Mr. B and I were out the door by 8am and grabbed breakfast at McDonald’s. Gabe ate the big boy breakfast.

Also, when did McDonald’s start making a Rolo McFlurry? This is epic people. I LOVE Rolo’s so this may become my new addiction. 

The trail we were after was north of Steamboat called Hahn’s Peak Trail. Mr. B and I did this last year with Chuck and Susie and actually got the jeep stuck. And when I say stuck, we had to call a wrecker to come and pull us out.

I probably should state for the record that I am a complete Nancy about four wheeling. The sight of mud or huge rocks we have to climb over gives me serious anxiety. Why you ask, no clue. I just feel as though the Jeep is going to tip over at any minute.

Gabe and Grayson loved riding in the back of the Jeep. They are so fun and just laughed the entire time they were being tossed around by the Jeep.

Susie and I on the other hand held hands in the back of the Jeep and prayed to sweet Mary to protect us.

After about thirty minutes on the trail, we stopped and decided to explore.

We headed up this road. Okay, just curious but does this road look like a private road?

There were no words indicating to keep off the land so we trucked on. Once we got to the end of the road there was an old mining site with a waterfall emptying out into a pond.

But as I walked to get a better shot I noticed a house down the road. I thought to myself, hmmm that’s weird. Susie and Kelly approached me and I told them that there is a house down there and I can hear people. Well, Susie said that she didn’t want to be the turkey dinner so we gathered up the guys and started to head back. Right when we were heading off, we heard an ATV fire up and low and behold here come the Clampetts.

The guys stayed behind as the women and children went on, but literally these two kids came up to Mr. B, Jeff, and Chuck and asked them to get off the property. Creepy. The whole conversation lasted about two minutes once they realized we weren’t crazy or looking to fight.

After the encounter with the Clampetts, we were back in the Jeep and started to head down. The scenery was breathtaking.

Once we were done we decided to grab some food at a local restaurant right off the trail entrance, plus it was starting to rain so we needed to put the windows back on the Jeep.

This restaurant was creeps ville U.S.A. The restaurant was part of a bed and breakfast, and as we walked in, right around noon no one was eating lunch. The place was empty.  Two people even came in, took one look around and bolted. I thought for a moment that this could be a bad idea….Shining anyone?

The owner greeted us and was clearly a nut job. She seated all eight of us and informed us they don’t have a liquor license yet. Weird. How long have you been open?

We ordered drinks. Apparently, she was ignoring me because I had to ask for a water at least four times before Kelly asked for me. Funny thing, she brought both Kelly and I a water even though Kelly had asked for a coke.

The food was ridiculous. Are those Doritos? Um, lady you’re scaring us.

After the Clampett and Shining experience, we headed back into town and checked out Fish Creek Falls. It’s this huge waterfall.  Even though it was freezing because it had been raining it was cool to check out.

Once we arrived home, laundry, running, and dinner were items that needed to be crossed off the list. Mr. B and I did a quick run to stretch our legs in our Vibram’s. If you need a quick workout, slap these on. They’ll work your legs in half the time.

Dinner tonight was simple. No one wanted to cook so Italian carry out, yes please!

I had chicken with fontina and angel hair pasta. Delish.

Nothing on the agenda for this evening except to help Jeff and Kelly pack because they head home tomorrow.

Have a good night!

P.S. Go Muffin’s!!! I hope you win tonight!