This morning we kissed Jeff, Kelly, Gabe and Grayson goodbye. I was really, really sad to see them go.

We started with 13 Griswold’s, and now we are down to 4.

Chuck, Susie, Mr. B, and I are here until Sunday. And since we are staying until the end of the week, we took the day off to relax and have a non-mountain day.

Mr. B and I had to run six miles as part of our training, so we knocked that out first thing. We ran into town and met Chuck and Susie at Winona’s for brunch.

I love this place. All of their food is organic and local, and just plain tasty.

I had the western omelet with avocado, fruit, and Susie and I shared a Bloody Mary.

After breakfast, we headed back to the house for a cat nap and to plan out what we wanted to do for the rest of the day. Susie and I decided to head to town to shop, while the boys took the Jeep and checked out Strawberry Park.

The weather was perfect for shopping. Sunny and cool with a slight breeze.

Susie and I found some great stuff. But my favorite, my first pair of Toms’!

Around 6pm Susie and I decided we needed to make a decision about dinner. We walked by the Mahogany Grill and made a quick reservation for 7:30pm. Then we strolled down to the river for cocktail hour at the Boat House.

The river was high because of the record amount of snowfall this year in Steamboat. We sat in the adirondack chairs, sipped a Pale Ale and a Skinny Margarita, and chatted up a storm while we waited for the boys to meet us.

Once Mr. B and Chuck arrived we grabbed another drink, discussed random topics, and then headed to dinner.

Mahogany Grill was easy. Our waitress was pleasant and her boyfriend was actually from Wichita, KS. Small world.

We started with some edamame, a cheese plate, fish tacos, and wine. Yeah, we were starving!

For my entree, I ordered the chili rubbed steak. I was craving protein so this definitely hit the spot.

We called it an early night. All of us are still pretty exhausted, but looking forward to tomorrow’s adventures!