Today’s theme: rain.



And more rain.

Rain and thunderstorms are very typical when you visit the mountains. The mornings are usually crisp, sunny, and cool, while the afternoons are filled with loud booms of thunder and scattered rain drops.

So when the weather turns bad, I don’t know why I am surprised because it happens every single day when you’re in high country. I really just need to get over it.

Anyways, we got a late start to our day because……hell I don’t know. Vacation can bring out the randomness in you. One minute you’re going ninety miles an hour, and the next, as slow as tortoise.

After breakfast, we headed south again only this time, we were in search of the Flattops.

The Flattops are in a National Park that have high alpine lakes which are great for fly fishing if you’re a beginner.  Mr. B and Chuck really wanted Susie and I to catch a fish (I have been fly fishing for over two years now and have never caught a fish. I am that good:)
Once we got to the park and checked out a couple of spots to fish, we decided to head up a Jeep trail to beat the crowds. 
The road was a little rocky and muddy, but worth the climb to be alone. 
The lake was beautiful.
After a quick bite of a ham and cheese sandwich, we were ready to fish. Mr. B was kind enough to get my rod setup because I take forever and the weather wasn’t looking so hot. 
Susie and I were pretty psyched to catch a fish.
I kid you not, after about twenty minutes (still no fish hooked) a second Clampett family rolled up. Yep. We seem to be attracting the whiskey tango on this vacation.  I don’t mind them being white trash, but yelling at your dogs every two seconds as loud as you possibly can to get them to come to you was seriously annoying.
So we packed up our fishing gear and headed further up the lake to try and find some peace and quiet. By the time we got to a good spot the weather turned and we had to head back to town. 
On the way back it rained cats and dogs. Poor Chuck and Susie were in the rental Jeep ahead of us that wasn’t fully covered!
When we arrived back home, Chuck and I headed to the grocery store to pick up supplies for dinner.
Susie had a great idea for angel hair pasta with shrimp and feta. OMG. Freaking delish people.
For sides a casear salad, garlic bread, and a toast to another adventure.
Tomorrow Susie and I have a half day lesson with a fly fishing guide. 
Wish us luck!