Mission: 11 miles
Target: Downtown Steamboat
Key runners: Lauren and Mr. B
Terrain: 8,000 feet and hilly
Goal: Not to die.

This week’s long run was b-r-u-t-a-l. From the heat to not eating well to drinking our weight in booze, I am not surprised our first double digit run was atrocious.

Straight to the recap:

Me: 11 miles. Running on vacation is just the pits. I woke up at 6:30am because I wanted to be able to stretch my IT band, eat toast with peanut butter, and try to hydrate. Even though I did all of those things, the last thing I wanted to do was run because I wanted to hang with the family. Mr. B and I decided to run to downtown Steamboat, which is about six miles from where we were staying, and then do a 2.5 out and back to complete the 11 miles. Don’t worry, we had Chuck and Susie pick us up when we were done so we didn’t have to run back.

The first 3 miles were basically hill work because we ran to the ski village which is all uphill. Bad idea jeans people. After that we were both sore and cramping. I kid you not the next 8 miles felt like the Trail of Tears. The sun was piercing down and I was starting to overheat. I kept chugging water from my Camelbak but I couldn’t stay hydrated. I am not quite sure how we finished but we did.

Mr. B: 11 miles.

Total Miles Week Four:
Me: 20 miles
Mr. B: 20 miles

Me: Running at high altitude can be a challenge, but I believe that come race day, it will have it’s benefits. My heart rate overall has improved which has helped me recover faster on hill climbs. Although, my legs are paying the price.

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