Mr. B and I made it to Steamboat last night!

We are officially on vacation for a whole week! Can you believe it? I can’t. The last time we took a week off of work was for our honeymoon, four years ago! 
I’m hoping this week I get the chance to relax, hang with family, and really, just breathe. Things have just been nuts, and I need a moment to connect back to life instead of chasing my tail 24/7, ya know wanna mean?
This morning, the whole Griswold family was up and at it because their body clock was on central time. While people gathered themselves for the day, a group of us headed into town to run a few errands.
First stop, Steamboat Fly Fisher. On the list: fishing licenses, wader rentals, and Gabe’s first fly box!
Second stop, bike store. Mr. B needed a brake for his mountain bike so while he shopped, Chuck and I headed to the Farmer’s Market to check out the goods. 
I was really impressed with Steamboat’s Farmers Market because there was so much variety. From fresh vegetables to baked bread to mountain bike vendors, there was really something for everyone. 
Chuck stopped at one of the Boy Scout tent’s and decided to sign up for the Meadow Muffin Plop to help raise money. Apparently, you can buy a zone of land and if a cow poops on that spot you can win a $1000. Hysterical.
Once we got back from running errands we hit the road! Today’s mission: jeep trails, fly fishing, hiking, and taking in the great outdoors! 
Kelly, Jeff, Gabe, Grayson
 Grayson and Gabe – Wuz up?
 Mr. B – the designated driver
 Scott…looking slick. 
 Jessica – Is it windy? 
The drive to our destination for the day was about an hour south of Steamboat, but completely worth the windy ride in the back of the Jeep.

When we arrived Gabe, Grayson, and Ella were eager to get out of the car and start playing. Ah, to be a kid again. 
After a quick bite of a ham and cheese sandwich, Jessica and I suited up and headed out to fly fish. Jessica and I are not good at fly fishing, but at least we make an attempt to look pretty. 
Scott, Chuck, Jessica, Jeff, Mr. B and I all fly fished while Evan, Kelly, Andrea, Susie, Grayson and Ella went for a hike. 
Scott was the only one that caught a fish. Eh, what can you do? In all honesty, it was nice to be outside without a care in the world. Although I will say that the mosquito’s were the size of Texas and I was about to go Wayne Brady on each and every one of those bloody suckers.
Around 2pm, we started to head back and decided the science route was the best way home. 
As soon as we got home, I took an immediate shower.  It was dusty on the jeep trail, and I am pretty sure I have dust in places that shouldn’t be mentioned.
Dinner was quick because everyone was starving. 
Pizza and beer, hello happy place.
Mr. B and I are hitting the hay early. We are sneaking in our long run tomorrow morning before another full day of shenanigans. 
Wish us luck!