It was hotter then a baker’s oven in Denver this week.
I love hot weather, but only when I am lounging next to the swimming pool sipping a Jack and Ginger, otherwise Mr. Heat and I aren’t the best of friends. So week four of training is all about transitioning into morning runs. And folks, I am by no means wining that race. 
On with the show…
Me: Rest
Mr.B: Rest
Me: 3 miles. Our alarm went off at 5am. Barf. I don’t mind getting up early, but damn, 5am is early in my world. 6am I can handle, but anything before that and I want to stab myself in the jaw. This run was quick. We were out the door by 5:45am and the sun was already cooking. Mr. B and I ran to Invesco Field which is a great loop, flat and shady. Even though I was half asleep while we were running, we did mange to run 9:30‘s and under the whole way. I feel as though my speed is starting to improve which is great because I am starting to get into the running groove. 
Mr.B: 3 miles.


Me: Rest. 
Mr. B: Rest
Me: Rest
Mr. B: Rest
Me: 6 miles. This run was a little shaky. Since we took a breather on Wednesday and Thursday my legs felt tight. I had to stop at mile 1.5 to stretch because my hamstring’s were cramping. This was another early morning run, but I felt rested after the two days off so getting up wasn’t that bad. The only thing I that sucked was that I had a zillion things to do because we were leaving town, and my mind was somewhere else the entire time.
Mr. B: 6 miles

Me: Even though we didn’t rack in the miles this week due to sheer exhaustion, I surprisingly don’t have a ton of anxiety for our long run this weekend. Probably because doing long distance has now become a “been there done that” sort of thing. Of course I say that and watch, I will die because we will be running at 9,000 feet.