Happy Thursday friends!

Can you believe today is March 1st? Whew bessie. Where does the time go?

I woke up this morning with a chest cold. Bummer. I think all of the craziness has finally caught up with me. Eh, what can you do? Nothing that a little Zicam won’t fix.

Mr. B had to work today so Jordan and I decided to head to Mona’s for brunch. Can I just tell you that I LOVE have my little brother here? He’s absolutely hysterical and full of positive energy!

Jordan ordered the french toast and I had the corn beef hash. The next time I go to Mona’s I think I am going to switch things up because the french toast had an orange citrus glaze on top. Hello, heaven! 
Since we were supposed to get snow in the afternoon, we decided to check out Red Rocks before the weather worsened. Jordan has never seen Red Rocks and with it only be 15 minutes away from downtown Denver, I figured we should stop by. 

Jordan was stoked to see the amphitheater. He told me it was one of the venues on his bucket list to see. I just wish he could have seen it for the first time while watching a concert. But guess what? That means he will have to come to Denver again! YAY!
Literally two seconds after we snapped this photo, snow started dumping. We timed this little adventure just about right. 
After Red Rocks, I drove Jordan by Golden where Coors brewery is located. Unfortunately, we did not the tour. Drinking beer at 11am did not sound appealing. Stupid cold. 
We headed back to our place after Golden to do a little shopping downtown. I felt bad that the weather was terrible because there’s not a whole lot to do in Denver inside. 
Good thing we can keep ourselves entertained! 
We tried to find Jordan a nice causal blazer, but apparently everyone else on the planet wanted one as well. There was not a single blazer to be found. Rats. 
After our shopping adventure, we met back up with Mr. B and headed to dinner at Sushi Sasa. I have been dying to eat at this restaurant for a while, but for some odd reason never found a good excuse to go. Well, with the baby bro in town, I figured why not! 
We stared with a bottle of Malbec. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t imagine life without this spicy, Argentinian wine. Right? 

I always order edamame whenever we have sushi. Mr. B is not a big fan because of the fury texture on the outside, but this spicy edamame won Mr. B’s heart. (Note to self: must make at home.) 

The sushi was pretty darn amazing. From their dragon roll to tuna tempura roll to their sashimi, I definitely give this restaurant two chop sticks up! 

After dinner, we hung out at apartment and watched Trading Places. Classic. 
Tomorrow we are headed to Phoenix for my Dad’s graduation. Can’t wait to see the rest of the family and enjoy seventy degree weather! 
See ya!