At work today my boss sent me an email asking about January dates for our annual company ski trip. As I read the email I thought to myself, oh that’s easy, and I went to grab my “Grier” calendar. Hey, someone has to keep track of the craziness!

Anyways, as I reached for my calender, I realized…..I needed a 2011 calendar!!!!! OMG! A ton of thoughts rushed through my head.  Seriously! I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that 2011 is less then two months away!  Where did this year go?

Well, being the controlling fun person that I am, I had to get a new calendar immediately. Our social life is depending on it! I went to the O(C)D (office depot) and raided the planner section. I had a slight panic attack when I didn’t immediately see my usual monthly, black, at-a-glance planner. It didn’t take long to hunt it down, pay for it, and lightly skip out of the store knowing that I had a whole new year to start planning!