I’m back from a whirlwind week/weekend in Kansas City!

I had such a blast over the past couple of days seeing family, watching a friend marry the man of her dreams, running in the heat, and dining at a speakeasy. I love visiting Kansas City. Sadly Mr. B couldn’t make it for this trip because of work and prepping for our adventure to Steamboat with the Griswolds. Did I mention that we are spending the 4th of July there?
Wait. Can you believe that today is July 1st? Holy time balls.! Summer is almost half over. Sniff, sniff.
Back to the trip.
I arrived Wednesday afternoon and caught up with my parents.  I feel very blessed to have a loving and supportive family, especially my parents.  They always listen and give the best advice! After our Q&A session, I sprinted over to see John, Sarah, and Miss Josie! I whipped up a little dinner for us – grilled chicken and sausage with grilled romaine and a Dijon dressing. But the best part of the evening was walking to Foo’s for a little frozen custard!
Thursday I slept in and ventured back over to get my Josie fix. I seriously can’t believe she is two months already! Her cheeks are getting more and more epic.
Once play time was over, the Wurth Women gathered at El Patron for dinner and drinks to welcome the soon to be Mrs. Toni Wurth to our circle of love. Toni is marrying my Uncle Chuck this coming Sunday. Unfortunately, Mr. B and I won’t be able to make it back, but I made sure to toast to Toni and tell her she’s a perfect addition to our gaggle.
Friday I woke up bright and early to run with Jamie. Okay, I am just going to state for the record that it was 80 degrees at 6am. This is not normal people. Bless Jamie’s heart, she is a super fast runner and was kind enough to run 9 miles with yours truly in the heat. She’s the best.
The run was less than desirable, but the good news, my feet are feeling better! Thank you Trolley Trail for being flat and mostly dirt.
After our run we grabbed some much needed grub at Eggtc. Coffee and protein never tasted so good!
With a quick shower, I met Jamie back at her house and then we headed to Meg and Kevins’ crib to meet their new bundle of joy, Hailey. I completely forgot to take a picture of her, but rest assured, she is adorable. On a side note, how cute is this flag outside their house? Love.
The afternoon quickly escaped and before we knew it, the clock struck 4pm and we were watching our friend Kaitlin walk down the aisle. I have never seen two people more in love. John and Kaitlin are perfect for each other.
The reception was held at the historic, picturesque venue called the Simpson House. Gorgeous would be an understatement. As you walk into the house you’re greeted by this grand mahogany, wooden staircase. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and the lights outside made you want to dance under the stars. Completely romantic.
We sipped cocktails, danced into the evening, and chatted up a storm. I miss my G-Phi ladies!
My favorite detail about the reception was definitely the Pez dispensers as a cake topper. So fetch!
Saturday was little slow going, but nothing a little coffee wouldn’t fix. I managed to squeeze in a quick photo shoot for Foodie Fridays and Miss Josie. Sorry, I can’t help it. She’s soooooo cute!
After our photo shoot and cuddle time, it was time to head to Manifesto for drinks with my parents’ and my brother, Jordan. For those of you that don’t know, Manifesto is a speakeasy inspired bar in Kansas City. In order to even dine at this secretive restaurant, you have to get their number from someone who already has it and then text them for a reservation.  My Mom was able to obtain the phone number and texted them on Tuesday and we were able to get in. Score!
We arrived and took photos outside like complete nerds. Eh, whatevs. The bar is located in an alley behind a hotel that is only marked with a small golden sign.
Stepping inside Manifesto was like going back in time. Stonewalls lined the pitch black basement and you could only see to order a drink from candlelight. I ordered a lemongrass gin cocktail that tasted earthy, but had a smooth finish.
If you’re ever in Kansas City, I recommend checking it out.
Today I traveled back to Denver. I have much to do in the next two days before we head to Steamboat on Tuesday.
Catch you on the flip side!