Last week was interesting to say the least.

After I completed my first marathon on Sunday, I wasn’t quite sure how my body would respond to running 26.2 miles. Yes, sore legs were a given but I wasn’t prepared for all of the other variables. So I thought I would share a little recap of what my recovery has looked like for the past week.


– Sunday night after the race I slept for 12 hours! OMG. Is that a slight coma? It was probably the best sleep I have had in a long time. The remainder of the week I went to bed at 9:30pm each night. I was exhausted.


– Legs: The only stiffness I had was in my quads. Damn hills. No soreness in my hamstrings or calves, which means I ran with decent form. Thank you Chi Running. I had trouble with stairs for the first three days, meaning I didn’t use them. I also had trouble sitting. I looked like I was 90!

– Skin: I still had some chafing under my boobs. This didn’t surprise me because with the temperature being so hot and me sweating constantly, my body couldn’t keep dry. I did have bruising on my lower back from my spibelt. Who knew cliff shots could be so heavy? I couldn’t image wearing a fuel belt!

– Feet: Three of my toe nails are bruised. Apparently I missed the memo on running in a shoe size larger then you normally wear when running long distance because your feet swell. I am pretty sure I am going to loose a toe nail. Gross.

– Stomach: This one I wasn’t sure how to handle. I would be starving in the morning and night but not during the day. When I was hungry I felt like I could eat a horse but I could only get a little bit food down. I think my hormones are definitely off. Hopefully this week they will be back to normal.


– Nothing last week. I enjoyed every single minute of laying on the couch, savoring wine and eating handfuls of chocolate chips. It felt glorious! Today, I attempted 3 miles just to see how my body would handle it and to my surprise it went well. I could definitely tell my legs are still sore but I am glad to get them moving again

Another Marathon:

– You bet!! Even though training for a marathon takes up a large majority of your time and you constantly battle pain, it’s completely addicting. There are no words to describe the feeling when you cross the finish line. It has changed my life.

By the way, Brightroom posted pictures of the marathon. I am totally one foot ahead of that crazy girl! BOOYAH!! Definitely framing that picture.

Also, congrats to all the Boston Marathon finishers!