Morning run, check.

Enjoyed the fact that I didn’t feel like two miles of bad road, check.

Witnessed an obscene amount of runners out at 6am that run super fast, check.

Realized I wasn’t one of those runners, check.

Even though I didn’t run at lightning speed, as always, I felt better once I finished. I seriously could not get over the amount of runners on the trail this morning.  Pork swords were everywhere!

Breakfast was a little wild this morning. Instead of making a sunny side up egg…..I scrambled my eggs! I know! Completely wild I tell ya.

nom nom nom.
a wild day
milk and coffee. right next to the computer. brilliant.
breakfast view.

Work was typical today. Emails, phone calls, and market navigation sessions. Next week is our cooking event at Cook Street Fine Cooking. I have serious jazz hands about this event. I can’t wait to cook with an actual culinary instructor.

Okay, real quick. I have to show my outfit for work today. I thought it was cute this morning, but as the day went on I thought I looked like a dressed up UPS worker. Thoughts?

i can deliver packages in heels.
a wild day

I had to run a couple of errands after work. The usual: bank, dry cleaning, grocery store. But when I got home I had some emails to sort through for tomorrows Foodie Friday’s post. I am excited for this one!

Okay, back to the emails. I receive emails pretty frequently from my Uncle Michael who travels the world constantly. Right now he is in Biarritz, France for the summer. Lucky. Mr. B and I hope to visit Doug and him there someday, but until then, Michael continues to tease me with pictures.

Hello France!

must go.

Once I wrapped up blogging, changed my clothes, I was out the door to LoLa’s for Kevin’s 30th birthday party.

i heart you.

Tonight, we sat at the Chef’s private table (thanks Cook!) and enjoyed a four course meal that was not on the regular menu.

For starters: chips, guacamole, queso and ceviche (forget to take a picture).

obi-wan kenobi
a wild day
it’s like butter.
a wild day
The cocktail theme for the evening was tequila. I ordered one of their house specialty margaritas, took one sip, and the amount of sugar in the drink was enough to kill a diabetic. Listy gave me a sip of her drink, the cucumber coin, and I decided to switch to that because it was less sweet and very smooth.
cute as a button.
First course: pork belly, fried egg with asparagus and a scallop.
The pork belly was to die for!
must dunk pork belly in egg yolk.
a wild day
Second course: lobster burrito with a chili verde sauce served on top of an etouffee.
This was my favorite! Ton’s of flavor, rich and petite.
hi little fella.
Third course: halibut served in a banana peel.
I was stuffed at this point, but hell, I am not going to turn down free food!
do i have to eat the peel?
a wild day
Last course, dessert. Sadly the dessert photo turned out horrible, but just know that the dessert was amazing. Let’s just say fried donuts should be served after every meal.
Happy Birthday Kevin!
a wild day
After dinner we grabbed a drink on the patio. Another must-do in Denver checked off my list.
Once the patio was closed we strolled down the street to the Ale House which is a new restaurant in the HIghlands. Remind me to take Mr. B. K?
a wild day
Unfortunately their balcony closed at 11pm because the restaurant is in a neighborhood. Rats. Oh well. We sat at the bar for one more drink, toasted to Kevin’s birthday and then headed home.
What a wild day!

Glad tomorrow is Friday!

P.S. Thanks for the ride Lehmans!

P.P.S. Hi monkey:)

Conclusion: “As the sun sets on a wild day, we reflect on the whirlwind of experiences and emotions that have shaped our journey. Through the highs and lows, embracing the wildness of life enriches our existence and fuels our spirit for the adventures ahead.”