Hi y’all!

Mr. B and I made it to Steamboat. I can’t even began to tell you how good it feels to be on vacay, especially when that vacation doesn’t require getting on an airplane!

We arrived Tuesday evening, and dove straight into dinner with Mama (Susie) and Papa (Chuck) Griswold. They cooked us up a feast of barbecue chicken, grilled corn on cob, and the best potato salad I’ve had to date. I wonder if I can get Susie to give me the recipe? 
Yesterday, Mr. B and I were early to rise. I needed to knock out five miles per the ol’ marathon training plan, and Mr. B did a little mountain biking. Nothing like a good American sweat to start off your 4th of July! On a side note, if you’re on Instagram, you need to check out Mr. B’s picture from yesterday. It’s hysterical. His profile name is: @justburt. 
After our endorphin fix, we ventured downtown to meet up with Chuck and Susie for lunch. With the sun blazing, we decided to quench our thirst at the Boat House. Hello, Bloody Mary. 
We sat beside the Yampa river and sipped our refreshing cocktails. The smell of 4th of July was in the air. 

Lunch hit the spot. Seared ahi tuna with fresh cabbage slaw and crispy wontons. I realize this is the least “non-American” meal you can eat, but trust me, I made up for it later. 

With the afternoon wide open, Chuck and Mr. B decided to take the Jeep out for a little four-wheel action. Susie and I felt a siesta was needed followed by a little clothes and grocery shopping. 
Check out this spread we put together! Aren’t those the cutest little toasts you’ve ever seen? 

Since we are going to have 10 people in this house starting tonight and four more arriving on Friday,  Mr. B decided to whip up a big batch of his pico de gallo and jalapeno ranch dressing. I think we made about a gallon of each! Salsa sandwich, anyone? 

As we prepped for dinner, all of us kept saying how eerie it felt not hearing a pop, bang, or boom. I realize that one little fire cracker could set the entire town of Steamboat ablaze, but it did not feel like the 4th of July whatsoever. The good news, we had a little rain across the state and we are praying those fires are starting to die down. 

Okay, remember when I told you I would make up for my “non-American” meal at lunch? Nothing screams American like a meal of…
I hope you had a wonderful and safe holiday! 
Now I’m off to get into some shenanigans! 
See ya.