Today has been busy. Whew.

This morning Mr. B and I headed south to test drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel. I think we are very close to purchasing a new car! Need to sort through some miscellaneous items, but I have a good feeling in the next couple of weeks we will proud new owners.

JAZZ hands.

We were at the auto broker’s lot (btw, if you ever need to a car go through an auto broker, it will save you time and money) for almost three hours! What the heck were we doing? Geesh.
Since we were both famished, we decided to grab take out from the Gallop Cafe.
Four Corner’s Tortilla Wrap, yes please!
Lots, and lots of coffeeeeee!
After we let brunch settle, we decided to take our new road bikes out for a spin.
Okay, I am just going to admit it and say that I have no clue how to ride a bike properly. As a little kid I had no problem cruising on my hot pink bike to the local convenience store for some super rope, or to a friends house to play barbies. But that did not require “clipping in.”
I was so awkward today, it’s not even funny. Mr. B probably peed his pants at least twice watching me mount the bike.  I literally stuck my ass over the bike like I was mounting a horse.  Trying to balance a bike with one foot stuck to a peddle, while trying to get the other foot clipped in can be kind of funny to watch.
I told Mr. B, baby steps. Someday I will be like Lance Armstrong, someday.
meet miz ruby.
look…no spandex!
Now, not only did I have to learn how to clip-in and clip-out, I had to figure out gears. O-M-G. Somehow I managed to make this super complicated. Don’t ask why? I tend to make small, non-intelligent tasks difficult. It’s a true gift I tell ya.
Thankfully I have a nice husband that explained when to shift.
The left side is for big changes.
The right side for small changes.
Dont try to use either one if you aren’t moving.
Pretty simple?
where’s the manual?
After all the explanations and practice clipping in and out, I did managed to have fun. We covered 13 miles and it felt amazing.
suppa fast!
do i have any bugs in my teeth?
very sweaty couple.
Surprisingly, my legs weren’t exhausted when we finished. Considering that I ran 7 miles yesterday, I thought I would be dying.
I am so glad that we got road bikes!
After we cleaned up, we met Dr. Pease and his ENT partner, who were in town for a conference, at Jax’s Fish House for drinks and dinner.  Dr. Pease and his wife Phyllis (aka “P”) lived down the street from Mr. B, while he was in college. They are a fantastic couple and we still see their family when we are back in MHK.
P, who is an artist, actually made this for us for our wedding. She took a no parking sign that was put up right after Mr. B moved in. Apparently, the city didn’t like a big U-haul parked next to the water tower. Well, one night Dr. Pease and Mr. B got a little intoxicated, took down the sign and a few years later Phyllis molded it into a sunflower. Genius!
Dinner lasted for about three hours. Lots to catch up on!
Cheer’s to another fun filled Saturday!