Today’s weather was crazy! It snowed in Denver. Yuck.

Good thing I didn’t have to walk to class tonight! Instead of the usual stroll to the Denver Performing Arts Center, I took a drive north of the city. Class tonight was held at an actual recording studio.

Now, this isn’t L.A. people, this is Denver. The recording studio was Randy’s house, who is a professional recording engineer. Can I just tell you that Randy looked like Jay and Silent Bob came together as one? It was so trippy!

Randy and my teacher, Brian

Randy was cool and laid back which made everything super comfortable.

Our teacher asked us to bring in four, thirty-second pieces of copy for commercials to read that we like best.

Here is what I brought in:

     – Bombay Gin: It’s pretty simple really. Either you want to drink the best gin…or you don’t. Bombay Sapphire. Gin…only better.

     – Minute Maid Lemonade: Blue skies. Yellow lemons. One perfectly refreshing day. Minute Maid Lemonade. Made with real lemons. For people who know lemonade. It’s Minute Maid.

     – Ivory Soap: I jog every day, cause being healthy is important to me. And using natural products like Ivory, well, that’s a part of it. Ivory’s a natural soap — it doesn’t have a lot of perfumes and deodorants, and I like that. Ivory, it gets me naturally clean.

     – Max Factor: Color Me Naughty. Color Me Nice. Now there’s a gloss for both sides of you. Introducing the MAXalicious Gloss Collection in naughty or nice shades. Collect them all to express your dueling personalities.

I guess you could say I love booze and making myself pretty. Who would have thunk?

Randy showed us around the studio and explained how the equipment worked. There a lot of moving parts when it comes to recording stuff.

All I wanted to do was push every button. He kept trying to explain the technicalities behind the mic but I couldn’t understand the jibber jabber. So, nod, smile, and lets moooove on.

I was nervous (excited nervous, not “this is gunna suck” nervous) when I got into the sound booth. I ran through all four pieces and ended up with Max Factor as being the best one.  I hope it sounds okay because we are supposed to get it on a CD for a professional look.  Um…yeah, I am just doing this for fun?

All in all, class tonight was very helpful. One of the things I learned was to not project my voice as much because the mic does that for you. Excuse me for wanting to sound important. Geesh.

Next week is our second to last class. Not quite sure what’s in store but I hope it’s fun.

See ya!