Ah Sunday, here already?


I was just getting comfortable. Now I have to think about going back to work? Whaaa!

This morning Mr. B and I had a test run to check on his running foot. There will be a short recap on that to come later.

After we got back from our run, we decided to mosey down the street to The Market for a quick breakfast.

Love, The Market.

They have a bazillion options to choose from: coffee, sandwiches, pastries, beverages…the list goes on!
We shared a couple nibbles of banana bread.
Mr. B had their famous breakfast burrito.
I was craving their egg bagel sandwich. I could only get half this guy down because I had already drank a gallon of coffee. Whoops. No wonder the Olsen twins drank coffee to stay skinny! 

Once back home, I ran to the grocery store to pick up dinner for tonight. I wanted to make something fresh and yummy before Mr. B left for the week. 
While I was cruising for fresh vegetables, Mr. B got to work on the next big task on our to-do list. 
Hello, sexy fellow.
We were in desperate need of a new T.V. Our old one was small and weighed about 900 pounds. 
Alright, check out the before…
Hello, chunky. 
And after….
I can see Gordon Gecko’s wrinkles. 
BIG difference. I can’t wait to watch Frank Martin’s facial expressions in HD!
Next thing on our to-do list, couple massages! Yep, yep. We have been looking forward to this all week!
Elixir is right down the street from us and has a great reputation for athlete massages. The last time Mr. B and I had a massage together was on our honeymoon in Costa Rica. Mr. B had this hot Scandinavian mussiest and let’s just say things were a little awkward if you know what I mean:)
Before….grumpy and tight. 
After…much more relaxed! 
The massage therapists did an amazing job! They worked on our IT band, shoulders, quads, and Mr. B’s foot. I felt a zillion times better once we were finished. This should be included as part of Hal’s training. Hey Hal, call me! 
Dinner was simple, but tasty. Like I said early, I wanted to make a homemade meal before Mr. B left for the week. 
Here’s what we your’s truly made:
– Grilled Buffalo Steaks
– Roasted Potatoes with Gorgonzola 
– Roasted Broccolini with Balsamic Vinegar 
Mr. B gave the meal two thumbs up. 
We’re off to watch True Blood. This show is crazy, but oh so addicting.
Have a great night!