Did I ever mention to you this week that our firm was hosting another cooking class?

I didn’t?
Ooops. My bad.
I blame spring cleaning. I feel like I’ve been playing in a live version of Tetris these past three days, and every time I need a green block only a yellow block drops. Frustration may be an understatement at this point.
I digress.
As I mentioned above, we hosted another private cooking class at Cook Street this evening for some prospects and existing clients. The last class we hosted was back in July so I was eager to get back in the kitchen. I am a HUGE fan of this culinary school. Every time we do an event with them, whether it’s hosting a large cooking class like tonight or a small private dinner, they always do an impeccable job.
bistro cooking
I arrived early to help with some of the setup and to take pictures. I also ran through the evenings schedule with Chef John to make sure we were all on the same page. Chef John is one of the coolest chefs I know (besides my Aunt Joan of course!). He is hysterical and I always enjoy picking his foodie brain.
As guests arrived, they were offered cocktails and appetizers.
Last time they served almonds that had been fried in duck fat (OMG), and I was secretly hoping they would make another appearance. Guess what? They did! Booyah!
bistro cooking
After everyone chatted for a bit, Chef John began his speech on what we would be cooking, and safety in the kitchen.
And then we were off!

The first course we cooked:  savory crepes with herbed chevre, grilled baby leeks, and wild mushrooms
I thought crepes were crazy hard to make, but in fact, they are quite simple. You just have to be quick because the batter cooks up in 2.2. nano seconds. The secret…use less than a 1/4 cup of batter.
The second course: spicy chicken “diavolo” with rosemary, pepper, lemon, and dinosaur kale. 
bistro cooking
Have you ever tried dinosaur kale? Yeah, me neither until tonight. Basically it’s a larger version of regular kale that takes a bit longer to cook.

Also, Chef John used mustard seed oil to cook the chicken breasts instead of EVOO. You have to order it online, but the flavor is off the charts. Just order it. You’ll thank me later.

The third and final course: strawberry mousse with lemon shortbread cookies

bistro cooking
Party! I loved this dessert. Fresh, light, and the perfect way to the end the evening.
The class was another huge success and I can’t wait for the next one!
Bon Appetit!
Conclusion: Embrace the charm of bistro cooking and elevate your culinary repertoire with flavorful dishes that capture the essence of French cuisine.