That is the exact word I felt when I woke up this morning.
I don’t know whether it’s the water, being with my family, or the fact that I am miles away from civilization, but all of my stress goes out the window when I come down here. 
And that’s what vacation is all about. Letting everything go and just being. 
Breakfast this morning was super delicious. 
Egg sandwich with avocado, fresh cherries, and coffee. Why can’t every morning be so leisurely?
mmmm…..egg sandwich. 
After breakfast, it was boat time! 
load em’ up! 
It’s crazy to think that back in May this dock was under water. The water level of lake rose 12 feet causing massive flooding. Luckily, we decided to have our family vacation later in the year because today was perfect. 
Blue skies, sunny, and not a single boat on the water. 
We swam and cruised on the boat. 
just cruising….
captain jordan
me and kitty
To kick things up a notch, Jordan decided to wake board through a solomon course. Why not? He actually didn’t do to bad. A jump here, a jump there……ain’t no thing for my bro. 
i wakeboard in my sleep. 
My dad and I also skied.
It really was the perfect afternoon. 
i need a tan real bad. 
do it! 
After our ride on the boat, we headed back to the house to relax, grab a quick snack and then went for a run. Dude, it’s effing HOT down here. John, Kitty, Mr. B and I went out on a four mile run and about died because it was ninety degrees outside and 100% humidity. 
Even thought it was hot, I was glad I ran because there are massive hills around the house that are perfect for training for Aspen. Trying to do eight miles this weekend is gonna be tricky, but we’ll get her done.
A quick shower, and it was time to eat!
Mom and Dad were the cooks this evening. 
can we have chocolate for dinner? 
On the menu:
– grilled salmon
– arugula with a citrus dressing
– bread
– cake with chocolate frosting (forgot to take a picture b/c it was gobbled in 2.2 seconds)
so hungry! 

Instead of the usual board game, tonight’s entertainment was provided by John, Jordan, and Mr. B. Okay, I have to tell you that this make shift band almost didn’t happen. Jordan forgot an adapter for the drums. He called every electronic/music store in the surrounding area and no one had the adapter. They all said you have to order one from the manufacturer.
Well, with a little brainstorming and a trip to Wal-Mart, a car adapter was all we needed to bring this rock band to life! 
gods of rock. 
Can’t believe tomorrow is Friday. 
Hope you have a great weekend!