“Embark on a savory journey with our Bourbon Beef Poutine. Indulge in the delectable harmony of crispy fries, savory beef, and rich bourbon-infused gravy—a culinary experience like no other awaits.”

bourbon beef poutine with cheese curds & peppered gravy www.climbinggriermountain.com

So, is this a thing, thing?

Or just a boy thing, thing? Well, not that thing, thing. That just got awkward didn’t it?

I feel like I am missing out, but am also somewhat confused. Since I spend 97.4285% of my day “on the line”, I never happily go to BuzzFeed, TMZ, Facebook, or any other news aggregate to read just the comments. Sure, I’ll read a post or a status update, but I never spend hours scrolling and reading what wackadoo people have to say.

But! Apparently, this is a thing says Mr. B. He actually goes to sites just to read all the absurd, off the coo-coo truck comments that people leave. He says it’s entertainment. That people actually take the time to write a preposterous comment and publish the darn thing!

While I get the entertainment value, I would get so frustrated after reading just two comments, because I would try to enter the conversation and reason with people that are acting bonkers. Which would lead me to saying something stupid and becoming an internet meme in 2.2 seconds for saying said stupid comment.

So, I best stay clear of the comment world and stick to making poutine. This may be my favorite way of making poutine. Why I haven’t added cheese curds and bourbon to a pile of curly fries topped with gravy is beyond me. If this recipe doesn’t make your Monday tolerable, go and read these comments.

And then come back for poutine seconds.

“In conclusion, our Bourbon Beef Poutine is a symphony of indulgence, uniting crispy fries, savory beef, and rich bourbon-infused gravy. Elevate your comfort food experience with this decadent delight.”