Last night Tina, Katie, Listy and I got together for some girl time.

First up was dinner at North. Love this place. It’s simple, chic, and the food is mouth watering.

A little of the bubbly to start.

We shared the house bread with a spicy chipotle butter. I may need to try this recipe at home. 
Olives, Yuca chips, and a trio spread of hummus, goat cheese and olive tapenade followed. We devoured the appetizers like it was our job. 
On to the main course! 
My long run this morning was awesome but it left me famished. I needed protein STAT! Skirt steak with gorgonzola and a fresh arugula salad sounded perfect.
Dinner was fantastic. I swear time flies by when I am with these ladies. I remember moving to Denver four years ago and not knowing anyone, so its nice to finally have a group of good girlfriends.
We left North and strolled down the street to our next event.  Listy sent an email to everyone asking whether or not we would all be interested in attending this class called, Canvas and Cocktails.  We all said yes and couldn’t wait to get started. 
There were a ton of older women at this class, but surprisingly I did see a couple of dudes.
Okay, so here’s how it works. You pay $40 at the door and then a hostesses seats you at a canvas station. Each person gets a blank canvas, paints, paint brushes, aprons, and a water cup. 
There was a bar towards the front where we checked in earlier so naturally we decided to grab some drinks before the class began. We ended up buying two bottles of white wine to share between the four of us.  
Class started with the teacher in front of the room explaining what we would be painting. Tonight’s inspiration; bubbles and twigs. 
Step one,  painting the canvas yellow. Second, making dark bubbles at the bottom (which is hard to do FYI!) Third, make lighter bubbles as you get to the top. And lastly, paint your twigs and mark your finished product with your initials. 
I am really surprised that I didn’t mistakenly dip my paint brush into my wine glass. The teacher said it happens a lot. Yeah, if you don’t know how to booze! 
I definitely wouldn’t say my painting was a Picasso but I had fun and we also scored a free class thanks to Listy. She got up and did the YMCA in front of the class so our names got put into a drawing. I swear she has the best luck! 
The night was a huge success. If you have one of these in your area you should totally go!