Some runners love it.

Some runners hate it.


I love tapering. I find comfort knowing my Saturday morning runs will be less than 10 miles. I find comfort knowing race day is around the corner. I find comfort knowing in three weeks I will have free time! Tapering is the best thing since sliced bread, people!

Alright, on with the recap.

Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week Seventeen


Tuesday3 miles. Holy crap, what a horrible run! All of this unpacking, climbing stairs, and standing on my feet every single night has zapped my legs. I had to tap my energy reserves just to finish this run. My legs felt heavy like cement blocks and I probably could have fallen over due to sleep deprivation. The only good thing to report, my foot feels great and the view on my new running route isn’t too shabby.

chicago marathon


Thursday3 miles. I have to keep reminding myself I only have one more week of early morning running. I took the picture below at 6:30am. Doesn’t it look like night time? Anyways, this run wasn’t stellar. I finally got some sleep over the past two nights, but I’m still not a 100%. My legs and feet felt good overall, but I think the husband is right. I’m at the point in my training where I won’t get comfortable until after mile 7. Oh, the perks of running long distance. My plan is to “just get through” these small mileage runs and get excited for race day!

chicago marathon



SundayCross Train. 3 mile walk with the husband. We are starting to get settled in (a BIG thanks goes out to the in-laws for their help!) and felt a long walk was the perfect way to end our crazy weekend.  The weather in Denver has been perfect – sunny and cool. Mr. B and I strolled around the new neighborhood discussing our plans for the upcoming week and race day strategies. It’s weird to think that t-minus seven days and I will be standing at the starting line!

chicago marathon

Total miles:

P.S. The next time I post about this marathon, it will be my race day recap! #jazzhands

Conclude the Chicago Marathon journey, celebrating the triumphs of every stride and the unity of thousands under the city skyline. This iconic race leaves an indelible mark on both participants and spectators.