Elevate your culinary experience with our Roasted Organic Carrots with Dill. Immerse yourself in the savory symphony of perfectly roasted carrots enhanced by the aromatic touch of dill, creating a delightful masterpiece.

 roasted organic carrots with dill


Moving, that is.

The husband asked me this morning, “Babe, why are we such a mess right now?”

I stared back with a blank face.

Not a single thought ran through my mind in the two seconds it took me to respond, “I haven’t a clue.” In a way, I figured that’s just the way it’s going to be for a while. I better get used to stepping over books on the floor, wiping and re-wiping counter tops, and doing an obscene amount of laundry. I better get used to new house noises, new running routes, and new household routines. Moving is such a mess.

Okay, I’ll put my violin down for a second because I NEED to tell you about these carrots. OMG. Are these not the sexiest carrots you’ve ever seen?

 roasted organic carrots with dill

I was at Whole Foods last week doing a little grocery shopping and drooling over their produce section. I swear Whole Foods hires magical elves that come and clean all their veggies and fruits because they all glisten like stars in the night sky. Anyways, I was reaching for a head of lettuce when I noticed out of my peripheral vision these organic carrots. Purple ones. Yellow ones. Orange ones, oh my! I think my heart skipped a beat. I was instantly mesmerized by their rustic beauty.

I put the lettuce back on the shelf and grabbed two bundles of the colorful carrots and placed them in the shopping cart. I was in love. Carrot wuv.

I’m not entirely sure what happened next. I was like a school girl in love. All my attention was devoted to these little bundles of joy. I figured the best way to express my admiration was by baking them and adding a little touch of something extra, dill. Do you ever feel like dill gets the shaft in the herb department? I am guilty of it because I love me some basil and thyme, but dill is actually just as useful. It acts as the perfect counterpart to the sweetness of carrots. Scouts honor.

 roasted organic carrots with dill

Even though things in my life are messy right now, it doesn’t mean my food is.

Conclude your gastronomic adventure with our Roasted Organic Carrots with Dill. Each bite is a harmonious blend of flavors, showcasing the natural sweetness of carrots complemented by the herbaceous freshness of dill.