Bret and I got back from Breck early this morning. It was nice and cool when we left (about 60 degrees) and when we arrived back in Denver it was already 95. Gross. Knowing that we had 8 miles to do today for training, we decided to get stuff done around the apartment and head out later for a trail run. Good decision. We left the apartment around 2:30pm and it was 100 trucking degree’s!

We got to Evergreen around 3:30pm and it was 80 and partly cloudy with a slight breeze. Perfect for running at high altitude.

Trail Head 
The first two miles were ton’s of fun. Slow rollers through lots of trees. But at about mile 3 you start doing more incline, and more incline, with a side of more incline. I thought my legs were going fall off. We got lucky towards the turn around point for mile 4 because it was mostly down hill…thank you Jesus.  

At the turn around point, we split a cliff bar and headed back up hill again. Not fun.

We made it to mile 6 and took a quick shot to document our sweat stains:
Mr. B
I really need to get new running wear!  
Another 2 miles to go, we got this! The last 20 minutes felt like we were in slow motion and moving fast at the same time. Weird combination. Finally, we finished. Which was good timing because I used my last drop of water out of my camelbak. Nice. 

I was so proud of us for finishing especially Bret, because this was the longest distance he has ever done. You rock babe!

All in all it was a great run. I think I am starting to fall in love with trail running! 

Glad to be done!