System Fail #1
I really don’t understand the world we live in sometimes. I am pretty sympathetic person when it comes to certain things as well a very patient person. But sometimes I just get fired up!

Today, I went to register for the Aspen Half Marathon which is more than a month away. Probably a little late to be signing up but I thought there is still a chance. I went online to register, and it said Full. Shite.

I immediately called the registration office to see if there were any spots still open. A lady answered the phone and I asked nicely, “Do you have any more open spots for the Aspen Half Marathon?” She rudely replied, “Yes, we actually have six spots open.” I was like praise Jesus!

“Okay, well can I go ahead and register my husband and me for the race?” She rudely applied again, “Sure, all you have to do is come down to our office and sign up.” I informed her that I lived in Denver and could in no way drive 3 hours to come down to her office to register for a half marathon.

So, I asked, “Well, can you take my credit card information, and I can fax you my registration information along with a LOI (letter of instruction) guaranteeing we will show up for the race?” She again said, “No. We don’t take credit card information over the phone and you must fill out the registration in person so we know it is you.”

Wait a minute. You are telling me that you can’t take credit card information over the phone and you can’t even put my information into your little rude a** computer? Do you know that we live in the 21st century? I am not a terrorist lady. Terrorists don’t run for fun. She just kept saying, “Nope. There is no way I can register you unless you come down to the office. It wouldn’t be fair to the other runners.” WHAT!! What does that even mean? I am trying to run the race you old HAG. I am trying to give you money!!

Seriously, I about lost it. So, I kindly said thank you for your time and informed her that I would no longer be giving money to this event and to give my best wishes to your 1995 event registration system.

Bret and I are now signed up for Xterra Trail Run in Colorado Springs and they actually give their money to cancer research. SO THERE!

System Fail #2

When I get home from work I usually check the mail after dinner or early in the morning on my way out. For some reason today, I thought to myself, lets check the mail before I go upstairs. Since we live in a HOA Loft building, we have community mailboxes. I opened the door to the mail room which is also the main entrance to the elevator and noticed a small package sitting on the ledge.

Not thinking anything of it, I checked the package. WHAT IN THE FLYING SQUIRREL NUTS?!! The package was addressed to Mr.B. See, Mr. B and I have been waiting on a package from UPS that was sent from The First Place in Wichita with a ring for Bret since he lost his in Boulder Creek. First Place told us that you are going to need to sign for the package because it is insured, we were like no big deal. Since we were away all weekend in Breck and thought, well, if we aren’t here to sign for the package UPS will leave a note saying come on down to the warehouse to sign. Uh, NO.

This is what they did instead:

Left a half torn UPS box……

with a note stuck “around” our mailbox……

…….that says, “not working!” WTF!

I honestly don’t get it. It’s like the UPS guy gave up and said to himself, since they didn’t answer their door I should rip the box open and leave it for someone to steal and write a ridiculous comment on the note for the customer. Brilliant. What an IDIOT!!! Who are these people? Where do they come from? We were lucky in that the ring was still in the box!