Tonight we played the Swamp Donkeys. This team has been a pain in the butt since the beginning of the summer league. The first time we played them we actually tied. Why, you ask? You have to understand in this league you get a ton of people that played sports in high school but who were always on the JV team,or people who are way too competitive and annoying. Then add on, refs that have never played sports and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Anyways, there is this super annoying, short, crazy, guy on the Swamp Donkey’s team that we would like to destroy. He freaks out if his team doesn’t catch a ball correctly, or if the ref doesn’t make a call in his favor. He looks like he is going to have a heart attack or blow steam out of his ears at any moment. Just so you know who we are dealing with, here is a picture of the little fellow.

Get the picture?

Don’t tell him he has a short man complex! 

So, it was nice to finally beat them tonight! We actually lost to them in the playoffs during the summer, which almost ended in a brawl. Who knew kickball could be so intense?

Now, we are in 1st place for the fall league. Yes! Go Muffins!