Last year, I became a huge fan of the new Fox show Glee. I know, it is mostly geared towards teenagers or young college students but it is actually a pretty fun show to watch. Plus, I love downloading the music they sing to my ipod for excellent running music. Hello…journey remix! 

This year, Glee is nominated for 19 Emmy’s! Must be doing something right. Anyways, I was flipping through a magazine and found some Glee trivia questions. So, how much do you know about the new show? Answer’s are at the bottom.

1. Which Glee Club has not competed against New Directions?
     a. Vocal Adrenaline  b. Aural Intensity  c. Golden Victoria

2. What class does Will teach besides Glee Club?
     a. Gym  b. Spanish  c. English Lit

3. Which Glee character said all of the following:
     a. “Wow, I just lost my train of thought. You have so much margarine in your hair.”?
     b. “I will no longer be carrying a photo ID. People know who I am.”
     c. “That was the most offensive thing I’ve seen in 20 years of teaching – and that   
           includes an elementary school production of Hair.

4. What did Tina sing for her audition for Glee Club?
     a. Tonight  b. I Kissed a Girl   c. Don’t Stop Believin

5. What is Puck’s real name?
     a. Jack Daniel Puckerman  b. Noach Puckerman   c. Mark Puckipsy

6. Which character has not kissed a fellow glee member?
     a. Brittany   b.Artie   c.Mercedes

7. Which Madonna song was not performed on Glee?
     a. Like a Prayer  b. Open Your Heart  c. Ray of Light

8. What position did Kurt try out for on the football team?
     a. Quarterback  b. Linebacker  c. Kicker

9. In what city does Glee take place?
   a. Columbus, OH  b. Lima, OH  c. Fort Wayne, IN

10. What is Rachel’s “go-to shower song?”
       a. Defying Gravity  b. Don’t Rain on My Parade  c. On My Own 

Bonus Question: Where does Terri work?
a. Bed Bath and Beyond  b. Linens-N-Things  c. Sheet’s-N-Things

How did you do?

Answers: 1) C 2)B 3)Coach Sue 4)B 5)B 6)C 7)C 8)C 9)B 10)A; Bonus:C