Do you like running up a side of a mountain? Do you like crawling over car wreckage, climbing nets, jumping over fire, or crawling through mud? If you answered yes to all these questions, than you could be next Warrior!

Today was an absolute blast! A group of us, accepted the Warrior challenge at Copper Mountain and ran a 5k obstacle course this morning. It was not easy. You start the race at the bottom of Copper Village and the first obstacle you have tackle is jumping over car wreckage. I was a complete dumb butt and smacked my knee against one of the car bumpers….Nice. I have a pretty excellent bruise to go with that blonde moment.

Next, you had to run and climb over giant hay bells and then climb up a small hill using ropes. By the way, hay hurts if you land on it wrong.

Then came the high knee tires. Yeah, I some what cheated and pranced over them one at a time. I knew if did it the regular way, I would have fallen, what can ya do.

Next, came the 700 feet elevation run. Not fun. You basically pray for the moment you get to go downhill. When that finally arrives, you hall butt down to the mud pit. You literally have to crawl under barbwire’s in freezing cold mud. We decided that they should have placed this at the end because you are caked in mud by the time you get out, and it’s heavy.

After the mud, you run to the next obstacle which were these high walls. You have to jump over them, like in the Army. There is a reason why I am not in the military…this took me a bit.

Next, was the tunnel climb. If you have ever seen the movie Shawshank Redemption, remember the part where Andy is escaping from prison and crawling through the tunnel with all the human waste? It was the exact same scenario, except without the human waste part of course. As you crawled, it scrapped up your knees and elbows. Was not a fan of that obstacle.

Next, came the climbing net. Once again, not military material. I was a complete vagina on these nets. I got freaked out because we were covered in mud and people were slipping off and dangling like flies in a spider web. Some poor guy had to hold my foot in the netting on the way down so I wouldn’t fall. Ra-tarded.

After that we probably had a half mile more to go. We jumped over some streams, did some plank walks but we had to finish the race jumping over fiery coals. DO…WHAT!? I was really nervous about not clearing. Could you imagine falling and catching on fire? Uh, no. To make matters worse, since they put this at the end of the race everyone in the village is staring at you waiting for you to fail. Not cool. Basically, I closed my eyes and jumped like I was doing track hurdles. I could only imagine what I looked like but I cleared it and finally finished.

It was a crazy 40 minutes but I had so much fun!! Highly recommended!!!!

Here is a tour of the day:

Pre-Warrior Race

Bret and I
AC…looking good!
AC, Max, Bret and Drew
Me and Listy
Kevin and Katie…nice mullet!
The Whole Group!
AC, Bret, Me, Max, Kevin, Nick and Drew. Yes, I was the only girl!
Starting Line.
The mountain we had to run up…not cool!
Post Warrior Race

Me and Bret at the finish…nice and dirty!
Thanks babe.
Group shot with medals. Everyone LOVED our Average Joe’s costumes.

After the race, we all hung around Copper Village. The Warrior Dash event had a live 80’s band playing and food and drinks were provided. We were all starving so we stopped and grabbed some worthy Warrior burgers and did some nice people watching. All the participants had great costumes!

My delicious Warrior burger. YUM-O!
Stage for the 80’s Band
You probably can’t read it, but the back of this guy’s outfit says:
“My ex-wife’s, wedding dress.” OUCH.