Happy Valentine’s Day friends!
Did you have a lovely day? 
I heart so!
{Sorry, couldn’t help myself.}
Today was actually a lot of fun! I tend to dread Valentine’s Day because it’s a day for the Russell Stover/Hallmarks of the world to make an obscene amount of money. $30 for a stuffed bear holding a heart asking you to squeeze him? $20 for a box of gambling chocolates? I think not! 
Don’t get me wrong, as a kid I enjoyed Valentine’s Day because there were parties! Ahhh…yeahhh! You ate red velvet cupcakes, chocolate covered marshmallows, and made kick-ass decorative boxes to hold all of your Valentine cards. It was simple and delicious.
Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure that’s why I had such a blast today. Simple cards, check. Savory dinner, check. Chocolate dessert, check-CHECK!
I debated a couple of weeks ago whether or not to cook a Valentine’s Day feast at home for Mr. B. I obviously dig cooking and feel that anyone can make a reservation, but once I knew how crazy this week was going to be, I took the easy way out and made a reservation at District Meats. I have been dying to eat at this restaurant ever since it opened back in December. For you foodies out there, District Meats is a Charlie Palmer restaurant. If you’ve watched the T.V. show Top Chef or have been to his Michelin Star restaurant, Aureole, then you know the man can cook. 
Anyways, since the restaurant is down the street from our apartment and happened to have a gift card (John and Kitty gave it to us for Christmas!), I decided to make a reservation. 
I immediately fell in love with ascetic of this restaurants – rustic meets modern chic. Plus, with a name like District Meats, I seriously wanted to ask Charlie Palmer to be my Valentine. Lucky for Mr. B he wasn’t in town. 
Since it was Valentine’s Day they had a pre-set menu to choose from, but we decided to order from the main menu to get the full effect.

We started with a bottle of Cain Cuvee – one of my favorite full body red wines from Napa. 

For our appetizer, we chose the steak tartar with fries. Wow! Just wow. The fries were perfectly salted and the steak tartar, oh-em-gee! You’ll have to come to Denver and try it.

For our entrees, Mr. B had the tri-tip steak and I had the pork shoulder with braised pork belly. Both dishes were good, but not out of the park. Mr. B’s steak wasn’t cooked properly and tasted a little bland. My pork shoulder tasted like it had been sitting under the heat lamp for a long time. Thank goodness the pork belly was cooked to perfection because it was off the charts! 

We ended our meal with a sinfully, delicious dessert of chocolate creme brulee. This may become a Foodie Friday post friends. It.was.freakin’.delish.

Even though the meal wasn’t spectacular, I had a great evening with Mr. B. I definitely think we need to go back on a non-holiday night and see if they can do better. 

After dinner, we swapped gushy filled love cards and made out. Hard core. Just kidding. Okay. Maybe a little.