Hey friends!

We survived our first winter storm here in Denver.

Crazy to think that we got almost 8 inches of snow yesterday. I guess, go BIG or go HOME. Right? Right.

There was still a good amount of snow on our balcony this morning so I thought it would make for a pretty backdrop for my blueberry smoothie.

date night

(Warning: If you happen to take pictures outside on your balcony in your nightey with snow all around you, people will stare. And giggle. And stare some more.)

Since I am complete bonehead and forgot about the pumpkin muffins I made for last Saturdays watch party, I decided to throw half of a muffin on top of the smoothie for an extra kick. The texture and sweetness were a perfect match to the fruit smoothie. Plus, the chocolate chips weren’t to shabby either. Dessert for breakfast, yes please!

date night
date night
date night

Knowing that my beloved Kitties are playing OU this weekend (God I hope we win), I decided to show my Wildcat pride in todays work outfit. In case you didn’t know, I am extremely superstitious.

Back in the olden days I was a softball pitcher (you may laugh), and every time I took the mound I would begin my “ritual”. I would hold my glove a certain way. I would wipe my forehead from left to right, tug my left pant leg, all in hopes that I would throw a strike. It was all very dramatic and probably ridiculous, but to me it was calming and it worked.

Okay, where was I?

Oh yes, purple pride. Since K-State has been on a winning streak, my superstition has gone through the roof. I have been wearing some kind of purple attire on Thursday, followed by wearing this tee every Saturday. You can call me crazy, but for now, it’s working and I am not about to mess with that juju.

date night

Besides the fact that my shirt is purple, it is also from my favorite store, PINK. If you have never shopped at a PINK store, it’s a must. The only one I have been too is San Fran, but I am pretty sure Uncle Nordies carries some of their items. Anyways, their shirts are amazing. I love this particular shirt because of the herring bone stitching and cuff links. So major.

Boot camp did not happen tonight. There were scheduling conflicts (i.e. I had a bazillion things to do and it was make up session) so I decided that I didn’t need to go.
Don’t get me wrong, I love boot camp. But the thought of getting stuff done around the apartment, while waiting for Mr. B to get home for date night sounded waaaaaay better.
This is why I love my husband.
I sent him a text at 2:15pm this afternoon. The conversation goes…
Me: Do u want me to make dinner or order out Gumbo’s or get Illegal Pete’s tonight?
Mr. B: Whatever you are hungry for. Wanna eat out somewhere?
Me: Ooooh….like a date?
Mr. B: Or we can go tomorrow when you don’t have to workout
Me: Good point. But I also don’t feel like cooking tonight. Rats
Mr. B: Yay! Date night.
Me: Really? I am good at making reservations.
Mr. B: Pull the trigger!
Me: Do it.
Me: Coral Room at 8pm:)
Mr. B: Sweet!
date night
The Coral Room was fantastic. I have been dying to go to this restaurant in Highlands, oh-for-like-ever! The food is a mix of Asian and American cuisine, probably two of my favorite combinations. Also, their happy hour is rated one of the best in Denver (need to come back from that).
We started with a bottle of Syrah. These past couple of weeks have been crazy for Mr. B since Kinder Morgan merged with El Paso. I think he is finally starting to see some light on what may happen with his job. This time next year I could be visiting him in Europe!
For appetizers we shared prawns that were fried in a coconut batter with a peanut dipping sauce alongside, as well as some beef spring rolls.
For my entree I had the pork loin and Mr. B had the ahi tuna. The tuna was amazing! Dang it. I knew I should have ordered it.
date night
date night
Once we arrived home from dinner, we cuddled on the couch.
I love date night.
Need to do it more often.

Conclusion: Conclude your perfect date night with our guide, ensuring every moment is filled with romance and cherished memories.