How the heck is it Wednesday already?!! 
As my good friend Willy Wonka would say, “So much time and so little do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.”
I don’t know about you, but it feels like my to-do list just keeps growing. The second I cross one task off the list, two more are added. I am seriously questioning how the hell everything is going to get done before we leave town. I don’t mind going home for the holidays, but it’s a little more difficult when you have to travel to three different cities.


Have I mentioned that we are going to San Diego the day after Christmas? 

“Ahhh…San Diego. It means, a whale’s vagina in German.” – {That quote will never get old. Thank you Ron Burgundy.}
Yep. We’re getting together for a big ol’ family reunion. My Grandmother has a sister, Gloria, and every five years or so, we get all the families (from both sides) together and celebrate these two crazy gals. Five years ago we went to Playa Del Carmen over Thanksgiving and it was an absolute riot. I have a feeling this year is going to be full of all sorts of shenanigans! You just wait and see. 
Have you been to San Diego? The only two cities that I have been to in California are L.A. and San Fran. Any suggestions on what I should bring to wear? Do? Restaurants? Shopping? Bars? I need help!
Anyway, todays work outfit sort of reminded of the California ocean. Okay, that is probably a stretch. Really I just wanted to wear something that was blue.  I love blue and brown together. I don’t know why. I feel as those these two colors together give an impression of sophistication that’s comfortable. Does that make sense?
Blue trip oxford: Gap
Brown pants: Express
Brown belt: Ralph Lauren
Silver and pearl bracelet: Dillards
Brown boots: Famous Footwear
Brown wrap: Target
This may come as a HUGE shock, but I stopped by Wash Park for a quick jog after work. For some reason both my mind and body had an itch for a run. Weird, and random. Eh. I just did a slow and steady three miles.
Once home, I did a little Christmas wrapping. I remember as a little girl I would wrap my entire families presents (this was post believe in Santa Claus phase) because I was probably a complete weirdo. Not really. Okay, maybe just a little. I loved decorating the boxes with ribbons and bows. I distinctly remember my mother teaching me how to make ribbon curls with the edge of a scissor. It changed my little OCD life forever!
Then I was off to corepower yoga. Our friend Laura is a yoga instructor and teaches HOT yoga on Wednesday nights. She was kind enough to give Listy, Megan and I a free pass to attend her class.

Holy SWEAT balls people! You would not believe the amount of sweat I produced in sixty minutes. I honestly thought this would be one of those yoga classes were you break a decent sweat while stretching out all those tight spots. Ohhhhhhhhh no, not hot yoga. This class will kick your tookus.

From the poses to the core workout midway through to the feeling of marinating in a sauna, it all left me soaked and sore. The funny thing, I actually thought I was good at yoga. However, I couldn’t hold my poses very well because I kept sliding on my matt from all the sweat! Oooops!

Even though I was a giant walking salt lick afterwards, the class was a ton of fun and Laura is a fantastic teacher. I definitely feel stretched out, and any toxin that was in my body has hit the road.

Alright, I need shower and hit the hay.