How goes it?

I’d like for you to know that I haven’t done a darn tooting thing this weekend. We didn’t have anywhere to be. Anything in particular to do. In a way, this weekend was the calm before the storm because the next two weeks are going to be packed with dinner parties, and then, it’s Thanksgiving!

Holy bananas. Or should I say turkey?

I still can’t believe Turkey Day is less than two weeks away. Hmmm…that reminds me, I need to find my baster and favorite sweatpants.

Anyways, after last nights five hour Wildcat watch party at our place…

I woke up with little to know to no motivation to do anything productive today. Eh, what can ya do. 
Oh wait. I know!
Fix a super yummy breakfast and lay on the couch all day. 
Of course, I invited Willie to breakfast in honor of their quadruple overtime win over the Texas A&M Aggies. That game was just crazy. Absolutely nuts if you ask me. I am just glad we won!

In the breakfast mix:
– Scrambled eggs topped with salsa and avocado
– Millet bread with strawberry jam
– Coffee with a splash of victory
After a delicious breakfast and catching up on our DVR, I decided to change out of this…

and put these bad boys on.
Around 3pm, we finally decided that we needed to move. 
And breathe fresh air.
And see the sun.
We just walked along one our regular trails. 
Nothing like a three mile walk to get the blood pumping.
I am not quite sure what the rest of the evening has enstore, but I do like the looks of this…
See ya! 
Thankful Challenge: Day 10, 11, 12, 13
I find it very fitting and funny that I have to make up four days for the Thankful Challenge. Love when things come full circle. 
Anyways, I am thankful for: 
Cheesesteaks. Last night for dinner we ordered out cheesesteaks. OMG. Cheese + Steak + Peppers + Onions = Best Idea Ever!
Super Tuscan Wine. If you have never had a Super Tuscan, go to your local liquorville and ask for a bottle. Mr. B and I had a work dinner to attend on Thursday night, and we had a couple bottles for the table. Heaven. Absolute heaven. 
Forgiveness. My inner monologue was not working on Thursday night and I said something to Mr. B that was not very nice. I am very lucky that I have a husband that can forgive me.
Iphone. Is it wrong to say that sometimes I have more fun shooting with my cell phone than our fancy Japanese camera?