We made it! Yeeeehaw!

If you have never been Steamboat you have to go…like now. It’s only two and half hours northwest of Denver and honestly one of my favorite places to visit in Colorado. It reminds me a lot of my alma mater, down to earth people, cowboy boots, and dive bars.

The drive in though was a little rough.

The wind was a howlin’!!! But, we didn’t mind to much because we witnessed a beautiful sunset on the way to Rabbit Ears Pass (will explain later).
As soon as we arrived into town we headed to the house where we are all staying for the week,which by the way is super fab. Tonight, it’s just Mr. B, the in-laws, and I. The rest of the crew arrives tomorrow.
After we quickly unloaded the jeep we scooted downtown to eat at a very foodie restaurant…Bistro C.V. Mr. B and I have eaten there before with my work over MLK weekend this year and had a fantastic time so I was really excited to take the in-laws.
We started with cocktails and appetizers.
I have been on a big champagne kick lately so I got some bubbly along with my mother-in-law.  Who I also coaxed into trying bone morrow. She loved it by the way!
Last time I was there I had the lamb so I ordered the burger instead. OMG. Best burger ever! Completely decadent with a side of whipped mashed potatoes served in a cute Le Creuset dish. I devoured the whole thing.
Next up, dessert. We spilt dessert between the four of us. Mr. B and I had the peanut butter smore lava cake while Chuck and Susie shared a french toast concoction.
I can’t event describe to you how delicious these tasted. Literally off the charts.
Well, I am completely stuffed and exhausted. Tomorrow is a full day of serious skiing so I better get some beauty sleep.
Good night!