Wuzzz up?

How was your weekend? Did you finish up your Christmas shopping? Attend an ugly sweater Christmas party? Watch Christmas Vacation and realize that Cousin Eddie is the best Christmas character of all time? Hopefully all the above.

I, on the other hand, spent the weekend far away from all my Christmas to-dos. Mr. B arrived back safely from Hobbs, New Mexico on Friday afternoon! I missed that guy like crazy. I don’t mind when he is gone for a night or two, but when he starts to hit the two week stretch, I get a little cranky.

Anyways, after catching up over a home cooked meal, we decided that a mountain visit was a must this weekend before we begin our Christmas tour.

We ventured up to Breckenridge on Saturday because they were hosting the Winter Dew Tour and with snow conditions far from ideal (hello…NASCAR run of death) we thought it would be fun to spectate. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Shaun White throw down?

We didn’t get to Breckenridge until late afternoon (sleep and laundry were a definite necessity). It actually worked out in our favor because we were able to take a couple laps before the men’s half pipe final started and I wanted to break in my new K2 Misbehaveds. By the way…..they.are.epic.

After a couple of laps, we made our way over to the half pipe. TV does not do the pipe justice. It’s a beast.

All the boarders were amazing to watch, but Shaun White was spectacular. He is really that good. Obviously he ended up winning, but Louie Vito definitely gave him a run for his money.

After the finals, we met up with the Lehman’s, York’s and AC for a drink at the bottom of Peak 8 because the gondola line back to the parking lot was insane.

Nothing like a Becks and your close friends to keep you entertained.

We eventually made it back to the parking lot where we said goodbye to the York’s and then headed back to Avon for dinner and drinks.

Our friend Rachel was in town from San Fran and made everyone chicken fajitas. Delish. We didn’t stay for very long because we had to get Chance back to Gopher Road for some shut eye. We are still renting a small room in Avon with the Lehman’s for the winter. It saves money on hotel rooms and beats driving back after an epic powder day.

Anyway, we drank Sailor Jerry’s by the fire and discussed how Alabama shouldn’t be playing in the championship game and debated whether or not Tim Tebow is legit. Ya know, the important things in life.

This morning the boys skied Beaver Creek, while Listy, Chance and I went to Bob’s Place for breakfast. Nothing like a Mexican omelet to start your day off right.

Around 1pm, Listy and I met the guys so we could ski and they could watch the baby. Listy and Max do it right. You can have a baby and still ski, all you need is a little compromise.

Listy and I headed up Centennial lift to meet Ben and Megan who were also in town skiing.

While we waited for them, and since the Broncos were playing, we had to “Tebow” the mountain before we started. Tebowing will never get old, people.

Once Megan and Ben showed up, we headed down Rose Bowl to try out the new express lift. I am a HUGE fan. We did couple of laps and had a blast. Good job Beaver Creek!

We finished up the day doing a couple more runs on Redtail. This is my favorite when it’s dumping snow. In the words of Ricky Bobbi, “I like to go fast.”

After we were done skiing, we headed to Nicks to watch the Broncos vs Patriots. It was a quarterback show down. Brady vs Tebow…who is more awesome? The Broncos ended up losing so maybe Tebow isn’t legit… to be determined.

Traffic was thin on the way back down to Denver.  One more reason I love early season ski days.  I’m sure everyone who has ever made the commute has a story or two about 6 hour drives.

Now the craziness begins. I have three days to get ready to leave town for a week and a half. How am I going to get it all done you ask? I have no clue.

Alright, I’m off to watch Dexter. This is by far the best season!

See ya!