G’day mates!

Ahhh….to be in Australia.

I would do anything to be in the Down Under right.this.second. I could be scuba diving along the Great Barrier Reef, surfing on the salty oceans waves, and watching kangaroos hop across the Outback. What does a girl need to do to get away from these frigid temperatures?

Last night, Denver hit it’s first subzero temperatures of the year, -4 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I hate when it gets this cold because even though our apartment felt “nursing home warm”, I was still freaking freezing. Hopefully this cold snap will end soon.

As I drove to work this morning, the outside temperature was 10 degrees. Not the ideal temperature, but I’ll take anything above zero.

Since the Jeep takes diesel, you have to add this special liquid to your gas tank when the temperatures get super cold. Basically it keeps the fuel from turning into wax. Wait. Is that right? Hold on….”Babe, when diesel gets too cold it can turn into wax, right?” Mr. B (sigh), “Yes.” That’s what I thought. 
Anyways, I had to put in the special liquid yesterday to make sure the fuel didn’t freeze. No bigs. I pulled into the gas station, added the winterizer, and then began to fill up the tank. Mind you it was cold so I was dancing around trying to stay warm, while the little gas pump did his thing. 
Well, apparently the pump had one to many whiskey’s last night and the automatic shutoff didn’t turn on. You can image what happened next. It was like a scene from Zoolander where all the models are dancing around spraying gas! Diesel started pouring out of the tank. There was diesel on the ground, on the side of the car and on my hand. I started FREAKING OUT! 
I immediately pulled the pump handle out of the car, put it back on the nozzle and hopped in the car to call Mr. B (In retrospect, probably the worst thing I could have done was get into the car after handling gas and then proceed to talk on my cell.)
Me: “Can you overfill a car with gas?” 
Mr. B: “Yes, but there’s supposed to be an automatic shut off with the pump.”
Me: “Well, what if it didn’t work? And there’s gas on the ground and the side of the car? Am I going to blow up?”
Mr. B:“NO. You’re not going to blow up. Even if you throw a match on the ground it won’t cause an explosion because its diesel, not gas.”
Me: “Hmmmm…..that’s comforting to know. Still, let me start the Jeep to make sure I don’t die.”
Me: “One, two, three…”
Mr. B: “Still alive?”
Me: “Yes! Sweet!”
Mr. B: “Told you. Now go drive around for a bit to make sure the additive gets circulated through the fuel.”
Me: “10-4.”
Even though the weather outside was frightful, my outfit for work today kept me warm. 
Hellooooooo, faux fur!
Grey turtleneck: Gap
Jeggings: Gap
Necklace: Nordstroms B.P. 
Faux Fur Vest: Nordstroms B.P.
Silver bracelets: Dillards
Black Cowboy boots: Sheplers 
I picked up this faux fur vest at Nordstroms a couple of weeks ago, and I am completely smitten. I think it gives the outfit a little more flare as well as sass. Plus, it’s WARM! High five to the fur! Word. 
After work I headed home to meet up with Mr. B. We have a work dinner this Thursday, which is unfortunately during our training session with Jennifer. In order to make up for our missed session, we decided to take Jennifer’s kickboxing class. 
Jennifer ended up being sick so she had a sub for class. Let’s just say it wasn’t the best class in the world. Mr. B and I kept looking at each other the entire time during the class confused as hell. She wasn’t staying in rhythm and kept switching her lead arm. Oh well, I am just glad we worked out. 
Once we arrived back home, we heated up some dinner, and then finally got to work on decorating our tree! 
Meet Mr. Hobby Lobby! 
He is only 3 feet tall and weighs 2.2 lbs. Even though he’s small, he is perfect for our apartment. Could you imagine us trying to fit a 10 foot pine tree in our small quarters? Yikes. We will upgrade eventually, but for now, Mr. Hobs will have to do.
Mr. B and I always have a blast putting on the ornaments. I forgot how many we have! There’s so many stories behind each one. Ahh…memories. 

Our favorite is the Palmer Ball. One night we were running around downtown Chicago (three sheets to the wind) when we thought we should run around the old Palmer Hotel. Why? I dunno know. 
We stumbled upon their old ball rooms and one of the closet doors was unlocked. We peaked our head in and found Christmas decorations. Naturally, we had to have a piece of the crime scene. And that’s how we acquired the Palmer Ball. 
Alright, I am off to bed to catch up on some reading. 
See ya! 
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