Do you remember on Thursday when I told you guys that all I needed was a weekend in the mountains with the Denver Village to set me straight?

Well folks, this girl is back on the yellow brick road.

Oz is in site.

The wicked witch is going down.

I spent the majority of last week trying to get a grip on anything and everything. You know those weeks, where the simple task of doing laundry or grocery shopping seem daunting? Where Chipotle becomes your best friend? Where you finally watch that movie on your DVR list that has been there for over a year? Yeah, those weeks.

Thankfully we live in a place where we can leave all of our troubles for the weekend and get re-centered. People ask me all the time, why do you go to the mountains every weekend? Well, it’s because the mountains are like one giant therapsist. You can show up and share whatever you want and it asks for nothing in return. All you have to do is just be you. Funny how nature works.

Okay, enough with my psychological babble, let’s get to the fun stuff!

The Denver village decided to ski Beaver Creek on Saturday afternoon because the weather was exsquite. Friends, I’m talking off the chain sexy. There was not a single cloud in the sky and the high was forty-five. Basically you could ski in your bikini if you wanted to.

Per the usual routine the girls always ski together because the guys are crazy town. Mach 10 down a double black diamond? Huck my meat off a 40 foot cliff? Um, no thanks.

Listy, Katie, and I always have a blast skiing together. You know that saying, “if these walls could talk”. Well, I think I am going to replace walls with chair lift because between the three of us we can solve any boy troubles, fashion issues or social media concerns in a matter of minutes.

While we were hanging out and waiting on Megan to show up, the boys caught back up with us.
They are very entertaining. Can you see Cook’s face between’s Mr. B’s skis?
I think the best in show was definitely Tom’s headstand. Okay, the headstand is epic, but do you see the little girl in the background? She is obviously staring at Tom and not paying attention to her mother. Freakin’ hysterical.
We skied as a group for a couple of more runs (read: the girls watched the guys hit the terrain park), but then Listy and I dashed to pick up Chance from daycare. Listy and Max found a really nice lady in Avon that watches Chance during the day so they both can ski. Brilliant if you ask me.
After we picked up Chance, we headed back to the base of Arrowhead (another base area of Beaver Creek Mountain) to meet up with everyone for a little apres ski. The word on the street, they have the best Bloody Mary’s.
The rumors were true -best.bloody.mary.ever.
They use Kettle One as their house vodka. Apparently McCormick’s wasn’t good enough? Eh. But the vodka wasn’t the star, oh no. The garnish won me hook, line and sinker.
Garnish mixture: salami, cucumber, tomato, pepper, olive, lime, lemon, and montorey jack cheese! Oh, and one GIANT celery stalk. Pretty sa-sweet, huh?
We sat in the sun, listened to a local band, and toasted to the perfect ski day!
Since we couldn’t end the day on the slopes, we headed to the Gorge Range Brewery in Edwards for drinks and appetizers. We sat on the patio, caught up with the Westerman’s (who live in Basalt), and watched the finale of all the college conference championships.
Oh, and we all took a lemon drop shot somewhere in between.
This morning Mr. B, Cook, and I headed to Keystone to meet up with York’s for a little afternoon skiing before we headed back to Denver.  I haven’t skied Keystone in god knows how long. In my opinion, Keystone isn’t the greatest mountain because the etiquette of the typical skier or snowboarder is a little rough and it’s always super crowded.
The weather wasn’t quite as warm as yesterday and the snow was TERRIBLE. We skied two runs that were basically a sheet of ice. Can you feel my excitement?
Since the snow was horrible we decided to take pictures and hang out at the beach for a little apre ski. Remember, a bad day of skiing is a good day at the bar.
Whats the best entrainment on a bad snow day?  Gaper watching! We saw about fifteen people yard sale in 30 minutes because they would come barreling down the mountain and see the crowd, thrown on the breaks, and boom, they go flying like a monkey with wings.
It was good entertainment and hard not to laugh, but we decided to head in before someone got hurt.
This weekend was exactly what I needed to clear my head. I can safely say that tomorrow the wicked witch won’t know what melted her.
Alright, I am off to enjoy the evening. Hooray for Daylight Savings!