“Experience culinary ease with our Quick Mushroom and Rainbow Chard Lasagna. A delightful twist that brings simplicity and flavor to the forefront of your dining pleasure.”

I get confused sometimes.

Usually not by things such as trying to solve derivatives because I’m smart enough to stay away from the crazy world of calculus.

I typically get confused by the simple things in life.

For instance, why do people wear shiny, bedazzled belts? What is the fascination with the Tinkerbelle sticker on the back windshield of cars?  Why do people talk on their cell phones in public restrooms while they are sitting on the porcelain throne? And for the life, I can’t figure out why people watch this Honey Boo Boo character. Riddle me that, Batman.

Well, it’s a good thing this mushroom and rainbow chard lasagna recipe I’m sharing with you today isn’t confusing. Can I just state for the record, whoever came up with the oven-ready lasagna noodles gets fifty gold stars and 20 minutes of extra playtime at recess. For reals. I used to stay away from making lasagna in the past because you have to use 17 pans and it takes a trillion hours to make.

Sooooo….not the case anymore. Phew. 

I whipped this lasagna up on a Sunday afternoon in between watching Breaking Bad episodes. Have you seen this show? Holy Jeez! This show is highly addictive. You need to add it to your Netflix que right meow! Anyway, I didn’t want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen and figured this mushroom and rainbow chard lasagna would be quick to make and I’d be back on the brown leather couch lickety-split.

 quick mushroom and rainbow chard lasagna

I just sautéed up some veggies, lined a baking dish with noodles, and started layering with lots of cheese and marinara sauce. Easy peasy. The best part, this dish freezes well and can feed a crowd.

I hope you like this lasagna.  Everyone has their own unique taste, some like spicy, some like lots of meats, others are vegans.  Our peculiar “likes” make us who we are, which is a blessing.  Otherwise, how could I have so much fun puzzling over belts, Tinkerbelle’s, and Boo Boos’s named “Honey”?

 quick mushroom and rainbow chard lasagna


“Conclude your meal on a delicious note with Quick Mushroom and Rainbow Chard Lasagna—a dish that embodies both convenience and gastronomic satisfaction.”