“Indulge in comfort with our Sloppy Joes—a timeless classic that brings hearty flavors and satisfaction to every bite.”

sloppy joes

Soooooo….last week I had a HUGE craving for sloppy joes.

You know, the kind of craving where you would bolt from a shoe fitting at Uncle Nordies because you had to get to the grocery store just to pick up said ingredients.



This doesn’t happen to you, does it? Is this the point where you tell me I need to get out more? Where I need to get serious about the high-heels or boots I put on my feet? Where I need to find a better balance between my Fashionista and Foodinista lives? Okay, okay, I hear ya.

Anyway, my particular sloppy joe craving was for my Mother’s recipe. I probably texted her at least 3, 487 times last Thursday asking for the elaborate recipe (sorry, Ma!). I remember as a little girl my Mother making this recipe a lot, especially in the fall and winter. I loved it because it was one of the foods you could eat with your hands and not get in trouble.

Well, it turns out, I could use a little patience in my life because this recipe was far from complicated. I should have known better. My mother is a smart lady and making an elaborate meal for three hungry kids, es no bueno. Instead, this whole meal takes less than 30 minutes to make. Brilliant.

I kept a few of the ingredients the same like the tomato paste, McCormick seasoning, and onion. But added a green a pepper for color, cheddar cheese for some cheese-y goodness, and used ground turkey thighs instead of ground beef to keep things light. Dude, ground turkey thighs is the way to go. Dark turkey meat has crazy benefits. It contains lots of iron, zinc, vitamins B6 and B12, and less than fat than red meat. It’s a win-win situation.

Hmmm…I wonder if Uncle Nordies could ad sloppy joes to their cafe menu? Then life would be perfect.

Hey, it could happen.

sloppy joes


“Conclude your culinary journey with Sloppy Joes—a comforting and flavorful experience that leaves you craving the warmth of this classic dish.”