Hi friends!

How was your weekend?

We were busy around here. Friday started with a work dinner that went off without a single hitch. Love when that happens. Saturday was the main event: Friends Thanksgiving that I will get to in just a second. And today was all about sleeping in, baking delicious treats, and clay shooting.

Overall, another fantastic weekend, but I am ready for a little vacation this week.

Alright, back to the main event.

It’s hard to believe a whole year has passed since last years Friends Thanksgiving. So many things have changed in our Denver Village. We have added three more members: Callie, Chance, and Miles. We have traveled, barbecued, celebrated birthdays and overall, just grown closer.

Mr. B and I are very fortunate to have amazing friends that support each other no matter what. I truly thank God daily that he has provided us with a group of friends that challenge us everyday.

Tina and Drew graciously hosted the whole village over at their house. I will just state for the record that I am absolutely obsessed with their house. Not only do they have a lake behind their house, but they have SPACE! God, the things I would do for more space.

We all met over at their house around 2pm and started in on some appetizers and games. Katie made her famous raspberry bean dip (So Long good people!) that was gone it 2.2 seconds. I honestly think she should rename this dip “crack dip.”

The weather was a little cool, but we had to break in the York’s new Connect Four game. Oh, yes, that is a life size, Wildcat themed, board game. It’s E-P-I-C.

While people played Connect Four and Corn Hole, I decided to take a couple pictures of Chance and Callie, and then relax by the fire.

Once the sun started to set, Max got to work on the turkey. Even though frying a turkey is VERY dangerous, it’s genius!  How can you go wrong with a cook time of just 45 minutes?

While the turkey cooked, we prepped the remaining food. About a week ago Tina sent out a Google word document asking people what they were bringing. Needless to say we finished the whole menu in less than an hour. Sometimes I think our group could run a small a country.

I brought mashed potatoes and cranberry relish. Thanks to Megan and Listy for helping me finish the taters. Per Listy, always add garlic! I plan on sharing the relish recipe this week so be on the lookout.

Once everything was done cooking, we set the table and lined the table with a feast.

We seriously had so much food!

– Turkey
– Broccoli Casserole
– Stuffing
– Mashed Potatoes
– Ham
– Sweet Potato Casserole
– Rolls

After Tebowing the dinner and eating, we cleaned up because we were watching the Kitties take on the Texas Longhorns.

This game was a little nerve racking. So we figured why not play power hour with Champagne. Just to let you know, we only played for 10 minutes, getting old sucks!

Thank goodness we won! Fun fact, we swept the entire state of Texas in football this year.  Texas State Champions 2011. Epic.

Thanks to Drew and Tina for hosting our village for Friends Thanksgiving.

Can’t wait til’ next year!

Thankful Challenge:

Day 17: Today I am thankful for pizza and wine with good friends.

Day 18: Today I am thankful for meeting new people that can challenge me.

Day 19: Today I am thankful for chimineas.

Day 20: Today I am thankful for my hand and eye coordination (makes shooting target clays a lot easier:)