First things first: Happy Mothers Day Moomers!
Now, to the meat:  Summer is HERE!  We pulled the ski rack off and put the bike rack on.  For us, this is the equivalent of the summer solstice.  So this morning we were up and out the door ready for the new season! 

The sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky so Mr. B and I headed down south for a little mountain bike ride.

We decided to pick a trail that consisted of easy rollers because yours truly here is not that good. I still need to practice. So Mr. B found this trail called Hidden Mesa that we could do together.

The mountain bike I use is Mr. B’s old bike called the Brass Monkey. He actually built the bike himself but the frame ended up being too small so now I get to the ride the monkey. Hehe.
After we got our shoes on,  checked the tires and put sunscreen on (lots of sun screen.  We’re a mile closer to the sun up here!) we were ready to hit the trail. 

By the way, I am so awesome at mountain biking that I get to wear gloves. Sadly, Mr. B informed me that you have to wear them to protect your hands when you fall. Doh! 

We started on the trail nice and slow. Okay, so I am just going to throw this out there and say that I haven’t figured out “clipping in” yet.  It really freaks me out to have my feet clamped down to something. When I was a little girl I fell off my bike riding on a trail and got a concussion. Every time I get on a bike I have flashbacks. 
Well, halfway up the trail Mr. B asked me if I was clipped in and I said yes. WARNING: ladies, do not lie to your significant other about sporting activities. They always find out the truth. After a brief instruction explaining to me for the millionth time the importance of “clipping in” while climbing I put my big girl panties on and clipped in. 
At first I hated it but eventually figured it out. I did fall, twice. But I am learning to fall correctly? Geesh, mountain biking is hard! 
When we made it to the top of the mesa, it was beautiful. 

There were a lot of people riding their horses on the trail. Made me think of Pioneer Woman
Unfortunately, my ride ended early because I got a flat front tire and my back brake went out. Luckily, the top of the mesa wasn’t too far from the parking lot so I walked the monkey back and let Mr. B do some quick laps. 
After we were done, we decided food was a major necessity so we headed to Crave Burger for some eats in Castle Rock. 
This place had some crazy burgers. The lady sitting next to us had a burger with two glazed doughnuts as the buns. She ate it all! 
I had the Colorado Burger: shredded lamb, poblanos, onions, pepper jack, avocado, chipotle mayo and tomato. And of course, sweet potato fries! 
Mr. B had the New Mexico Relleno Burger: fried queso fresco, roasted poblano chilies, avocado and green chilies.
It was all screaming delicious but I could only eat half of my burger! 
Once we got home, I did some work around the house to get ready for the week as well as take a quick power nap.  
As I was snoozing, Mr. B found out that The Great Food Truck Race was filming in Denver. If you don’t know what this is, basically it’s all these roach coach vans that drive around to different cities serving gourmet food. The Food Network and Tyler Florence are the backers behind this event. Whoever sells the most food wins at the end of season. 
Thank goodness for Twitter! Mr. B said to track #greatfoodtruckrace to find where they were at and it just so happens that they were at Wash Park! 
To the motorcycle BATMAN!
When we arrived at the park it was a buzz! Film crews were documenting all of the random folks and how they liked the food. 
Four trucks were there:
Seabird (all vegan food)
Orange County, CA
Lime (California Cuisine)
Irvine, CA
Roxy’s (gourmet grilled cheese)
Boston, MA
Hodge Podge (American)
Cleveland, OH
We ended up trying Lime and Hodge Podge. 
At Lime we sampled Ahi Tuna Nachos. Very re-freshing. 
At Hodge Podge we sampled Truffle tater tots. OMG. So yummy. As Mr. B put it, it was the first time ever he didn’t feel the need to put ketchup or mustard on tater tots. They were that good. 

After our day of foodie overload, I am now smashing my face into a simple green salad. 
Happy Mother’s Day to all!